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3 Characters in Tokyo Revengers That Takemichi Failed to Save!

3 Characters in Tokyo Revengers That Takemichi Failed to Save!

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular anime and manga series in recent years. 

The series itself focuses on the figure of Hanagaki Takemichi, who has the ability to travel to the past. 

Takemichi goes to the past to fight so he can change what happens in the future.

Takemichi's struggle for this is not easy. 

Often times he has to face various obstacles that arise in order to be able to smooth his goals. 

So far, Takemichi has managed to save many people in his life. 

However, it is not uncommon for Takemichi to fail to save their lives. 

Then, who are the characters that Takemichi failed to save?

1. Kisaki Tetta

3 Characters in Tokyo Revengers That Takemichi Failed to Save!

Kisaki is the main antagonist in the Tokyo Revengers series. 

Kisaki is the brain of Takemichi's sadness and guilt. 

Unfortunately, so far information about Kisaki has not been disclosed. 

No one expected that Kisaki secretly admired Takemichi's figure. 

In an accidental encounter, Kisaki says that he failed to save Takemichi's life.

Then in one of the alternate timelines in the present, Kisaki wants to kill Takemichi by shooting him. However, he later surprises Takemichi again by calling him a "hero".

Although there are still many questions regarding Kisaki, but from what happened it seems clear that she wants Takemichi to save her. 

Takemichi and Kisaki had fought each other in the past, but Kisaki died as a result of being hit by a speeding truck. 

As a result, Takemichi failed to save Kisaki.

2. Draken

3 Characters in Tokyo Revengers That Takemichi Failed to Save!

Draken is the deputy commander of Tokyo Manji as well as a friend of Manjiro Sano aka Mikey. 

Saving the Draken who is about to be killed in the present is one of Takemichi's missions at the beginning of the Tokyo Revengers series. 

Takemichi himself believes that Draken is the answer so that Mikey does not turn into a terrible figure in the future.

Takemichi really put all his strength into protecting Draken, and the fans were finally happy when Takemichi managed to save Draken. 

However, in the latest story in the series, it is shown how Draken sacrificed himself to save Takemichi. 

Draken became the second person Takemichi failed to save.

3. Mikey

3 Characters in Tokyo Revengers That Takemichi Failed to Save!

Manjiro Sano alias Mikey, the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang and also the current Kanto Manji Gang. 

Mikey is a close friend of Takemichi, and he is very happy to have Takemichi around him. 

As the Tokyo Revengers series progressed, fans began to see how Mikey became an important figure in the story.

Takemichi has done various ways to prevent Mikey from turning into an evil figure, one of which is to return to the past as he did some time ago. 

Mikey's adventures as an evil figure in the future, become a way for Kisaki to be able to do chaos in the present.

Even though he failed to prevent Mikey from killing Terano South, and failed to prevent him from becoming a villain, but as shown in the last few chapters, Takemichi is still fighting to save Mikey. 

He also formed his own gang to be able to compete with Kantou Manji and save Mikey.

In the previous chapter, Takemichi realized that he couldn't save everyone. 

No matter how much effort he put into it, there would be someone he failed to save. 

Some of the characters above are examples, although Takemichi is still trying to save Mikey. 

Takemichi's efforts to save everyone deserve to be greatly appreciated.

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