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One Piece: Why Doesn't Everyone Have Haki?

One Piece: Why Doesn't Everyone Have Haki?

Haki is an extraordinary power that only a small number of people in the One Piece series have. 

Not everyone is able to awaken the Haki within them. 

Even though most of the people in the New World possessed this ability, when compared to the total number of people in the world, only a few were able to use this power.

Haki itself is basically a spiritual ability, which allows a person to use their will or spirit for something very extraordinary in a fight. 

Haki itself, as we know, is divided into three types. 

First is Observation Haki, then Armament Haki, and Conqueror Haki.

How to Awaken Haki

One Piece: Why Doesn't Everyone Have Haki?

Haki is a fairly complex power to awaken and throughout the series there are only a handful of people capable of it. 

Some people are born with Haki abilities in them, for example Aisa who comes from the Shandia race. 

Since childhood, Aisa was able to use Observation Haki or Spells without the need for training to be able to awaken it.

In fact, Aisa is able to use Observation Haki on a larger scale despite her very young age. 

Then those who were also born with the power of Haki were the residents of the Kuja Tribe. 

The difference is, they are born with the ability Armament Haki, which makes their attacks much more powerful and dangerous. 

An example is that they coat their arrows with Haki.

However, apart from Haki that is already present in a person from birth, Haki can also be awakened in two ways. 

The easiest way is to practice with someone who is already an expert in Haki abilities. 

A clear example of this is Monkey D. Luffy who trains under the supervision of Silvers Rayleigh who is known to have very powerful Haki abilities. 

Within two years, Luffy managed to awaken all types of Haki within him.

The same thing was shown by Roronoa Zoro who was trained by the best swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk. 

In addition to teaching how to use the sword, Mihawk also teaches Zoro about Haki abilities, especially Armament Haki. 

Another way to be able to awaken Haki abilities is to be in a precarious situation or a situation between life and death. In a situation of urgency, usually humans will issue a power that they did not expect.

In the climax battle at Marineford, we see how Coby awakens Observation Haki and saves the lives of many other marines. 

Sanji also awakened Armament and Observation Haki while he was in the Kamabakka kingdom. 

At that time, Sanji's life was in danger because he was constantly being chased by the Okama who were there. 

So that without realizing it, Sanji managed to awaken the two Haki.

Why Ordinary People Never Awaken Haki

One Piece: Why Doesn't Everyone Have Haki?

Although Haki is an ability that can be accessed or awakened and learned by everyone, the majority choose not to awaken this ability. 

Apart from the special cases where they are born with abilities, as mentioned above that Haki can be awakened by practicing or being in a life and death situation.

However, the majority of the people in One Piece stories can't and never get proper training like Luffy and Zoro. 

So for them to awaken Haki through this method is impossible to do. 

Ordinary people can awaken Haki abilities in other ways, namely being in dangerous situations that threaten their lives.

However, it should be noted, even being in a dangerous situation is not a guarantee that they will awaken the power of Haki. 

This was because ordinary people hardly ever got involved in high-intensity combat situations. 

For example, ordinary people very rarely engage in battles against pirates. 

What happened they were actually afraid of pirates.

Those who are often in high-intensity combat situations are usually people in the New World. 

This is the reason why many residents in New World have Haki abilities. 

It's not that Haki can't be awakened within ordinary people. 

With the right circumstances, anyone can awaken that power.

It's just that, for most people, the dangerous situation required to test their strength and gain Haki abilities never arises, because they have never been involved in high-tension battles.

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