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The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

Middle-Earth is a universe of The Lord of the Rings filled with many formidable and interesting characters, from the villains under the rule of Dark Lord Sauron, to the heroes who allied themselves to overthrow him. 

The characters in TLOTR itself can be said to be very diverse, in which there are various kinds of creatures and also races, including humans, elves, dwarfs, and even hobbits who are very peace-loving. 

Although at first all the creatures in Middle-Earth were afraid of Sauron, but in the end they managed to defeat the darkness thanks to the power of their heroes. 

Who are these heroes? 

Here are five of the most powerful.

1. Gandalf the White

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

After appearing as Gandalf the Gray at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as The Hobbit trilogy, he eventually becomes an even more powerful wizard when he replaces the treacherous Saruman the White. 

With his new identity, namely Gandalf the White, he becomes a figure of hope for all Middle-Earth beings who oppose Dark Lord Sauron. 

In addition to his very powerful magical abilities, Gandalf the White also emits a bright light that indirectly inspires those around him, as well as frightens his enemies.

2. Galdriel

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

There is no doubt that Gandalf is the most powerful wizard in Middle-Earth, especially after he changed from the Gray to Gandalf the White whose light was very bright. 

However, when compared to Galadriel, Gandalf is still not too dazzling, because Galadriel is described as the most beautiful being in Middle-Earth. 

Apart from her beauty, this high elf Noldorian is also famous for her intelligence and magical power. 

He also has a very good personality, almost all creatures in Middle-Earth love him very much because Galadriel is a very wise figure.

3. Frodo Baggins

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

Of course, of all the strong heroes in Middle-Earth, Frodo Baggins should be on this list. 

As a hobbit, Frodo is actually a very peace-loving creature, he lives in Hobbiton just to laugh and be happy with his group. 

However, when Middle-Earth needed someone who could bring the One Ring to Mount Doom to destroy it, Frodo was the one who managed to do the impossible, and in the end freed Middle-Earth from the grip of Dark Lord Sauron's power. 

And don't forget, Frodo could do all of this because there were three of his hobbit friends who were very loyal to help, namely Sam, Merry, and Pippin.

4. Elrond

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

As one of the Elf kings who wielded the Ring of Power, Elrond was one of the remaining elven leaders in Middle-Earth in the Third Age, as Lord of Rivendell to be exact. 

He is known as a royal elf who is very strong, wise and also "old", this can happen because Elrond has been in Middle Earth since the First Age, which means he is more than 3000 years old. 

When not many elves support the war with Sauron, because they will indeed leave Middle-Earth, Elrond is the elven king who remains loyal to the creatures in Middle-Earth.

5. Aragorn II Elessar

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Powerful Middle-Earth Heroes!

From wizards, elves and hobbits, now we turn to the true hero of the human race, he is Aragorn II Elessar. 

As a human, Aragorn is one of humanity's best examples when it comes to dealing with problems in Middle-Earth. 

He was known as a person who never gave up and was also very loyal, in contrast to most humans in the Second Age who were timid and easily provoked. 

Aragorn had led many battles against Sauron, until at last the creatures of Middle-Earth triumphed and he became king of the mortals of all Middle-Earth.

Those are the five most powerful heroes in Middle-Earth who played a major role in defeating Dark Lord Sauron. 

Despite their mysterious magical powers, these five heroes succeeded in managing their hearts in situations where at that time many were immersed in darkness, especially Frodo who had managed to destroy the One Ring, although he was tempted several times to use it. 

Individually these five heroes were already great, but it was their cooperation that ultimately succeeded in saving Middle-Earth.

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