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One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

In the world of One-Punch Man, the heroes belonging to the hero association are divided into four classes. 

They are Class C, B, A, and finally Class S. Each class has its own duties and strengths. 

Class C is the lowest class while class S is the highest class.

Usually, C-class heroes fight against street criminals such as thieves, pickpockets, and so on. 

The more dangerous the threat that appears, the obligation for the hero to a higher level to be able to defeat it. 

Although the S class contains great heroes, but there are some of them whose strength is above the average of the other S class heroes. Who are they?

7. Superalloy Darkshine

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

In terms of physical strength, Superalloy Darkshine is considered to be one of the most powerful among other S-class heroes. 

This can be seen from the shape of his body and also the muscles in his body. 

The body shape of Superalloy Darksnine is very similar to Puri Puri Prisoner, which is also very masculine. 

He managed to overwhelm Garou, before then Garou evolved into a terrible figure.

In addition, Superalloy Darkshine has also defeated quite strong monsters such as Carnage Kabuto and also the Deep Sea King. 

The physical strength of Superalloy Darkshine also makes him not easy to be injured by his enemies. 

In the fight against Silver Fang, he was completely unharmed from being hit by Fang's attacks.

6. Zombieman

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

Zombieman is indeed not very reliable in close combat and also the battle as a whole. 

However, his regeneration ability is extraordinary and is considered the strongest among all the heroes in the One-Punch Man series. 

In addition to great stamina and endurance, Zombieman is also able to recover from fatal wounds in a short time. 

One of the things that makes this S-class hero hard to beat is his tenacity. 

He always got back up even though he had fallen many times. 

A vivid example was when he fought the Homeless Emperor.

5. Watchdog Man

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

Watchdog Man is arguably the most unusual S-class hero. 

This can be seen from his behavior, which is indeed more like a dog than a human. 

In terms of ability, Watchdog Man has good physical strength, flexibility, and speed. 

In his fight against Garou, Watchdog Man managed to make Garou unable to match his abilities.

Aside from his behavior, Watchdog Man's fighting style is also unusual as he adapts animal movements. 

This makes the enemy – like Garou – confused and unable to predict his movements. 

Garou even adapts Watchdog Man's unpredictable fighting style.

4. Atomic Samurai

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

Atomic Samurai is one of the hero samurai in the series, and also one of the best swordsmen. 

He is able to injure his enemy, even before the enemy realizes that he is injured. 

Atomic Samurai's sword swings are even faster than Speed-O'-Sound Sonic. 

No one could imitate or match his moves when he was serious.

His extraordinary abilities even made the Atomic Samurai able to defeat or kill his enemies without having to use his sword. 

In addition, his fighting power and tenacity are also commendable, as happened when he faced the Black Sperm. The Atomic Samurai figure deserves to be on this list.

3. Silver Fang

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

Silver Fang is one of the heroes of the S class who is considered very strong.

This is due to his years of experience in developing and mastering a martial arts technique.

Silver Fang was also experienced in dealing with monsters or villains, from low-level threats to dragon-level and above.

In the Monster Association arc, Silver Fang was able to easily defeat enemies such as Rover, Gums, and Fuhrer Ugly. 

The level of Silver Fang's dexterity in controlling his abilities could not even be matched by Saitama. 

This shows that Fang's strength level is far above average.

2. Tatsumaki

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

When it comes to physical abilities, then Tatsumaki may not be a mainstay. 

However, when it comes to the power of telekinesis, Tatsumaki is already at the highest level. 

Tatsumaki's telekinesis power level was considered to be at the planetary level. 

He really is a master at this.

Tatsumaki can destroy Genos with ease or destroy missiles with just a flick of a finger.

Evidence of the awesomeness of Tatsumaki's telekinesis level can be seen in his fight yesterday against Psykos and also the combination of Psykos and Orochi. 

The powerful skaing of the telekinesis level presented by the two, has an effect on the destruction of Z-City and we can even see how the surface of the ground can be easily shaped at will.

1. Blast

One Punch Man: 7 Strongest S-Class Heroes!

Blast is the number 1 S-class hero, who after a long time of being a mystery finally appeared in the latest chapter of the series. 

Blast is a legendary figure for the heroes in the hero association, because his figure rarely appears. 

However, they often heard the name Blast who was considered the strongest hero ever.

Proof of Blast's awesomeness is that he's beaten Elder Centipede, defeated Flashy Flash, and so on. 

Blast itself is known to have advantages in terms of fighting ability and speed. Also he is known to be able to move to another dimension. 

This ability makes Blast slightly superior to Saitama.

S-class heroes have various advantages over other heroes under them. 

The abilities of these S-class heroes can be likened to several heroes at once. 

These S-class heroes usually rarely appear, unless there is a big threat coming and can't be faced by other heroes.

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