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One Punch Man: Who is the Metal Knight?

One Punch Man: Who is the Metal Knight?

One-Punch Man is one of the anime and manga series that is widely accepted by fans because it brings something new to fans, where an exciting and epic action series is combined with an interesting and funny comedy. 

With the success of the series, it's no wonder that fans are always looking forward to the latest season of the anime series as well as the manga chapter.

In the story, we know there are lots of hero characters who show their abilities. 

Each has its own abilities and uniqueness. 

The Hero Association divides them into four classes, namely Class C, B, A, and S. 

Class C is the lowest class, while Class S is the highest class.

One of the most popular and mysterious hero characters in the series is Blast. 

He has never appeared in the story and only appears in the form of a reference. 

However, it turns out that Blast is not the only popular yet mysterious one. 

The Metal Knight figure is also a mysterious and popular figure. 

Who exactly is the Metal Knight?

Metal Knight is the name of the hero of the genius Dr. Bofoi. Metal Knight is ranked sixth in class S. 

To help save people from the monsters, Dr. Bofoi often supplies the Hero Association with various weapons as well as other things. 

What is interesting is that Dr. Bofoi didn't control it directly from within the Metal Knight's body, but from a distance.

There are also various advanced and powerful robots owned by Dr. A Bofoi that he can control from afar. 

The figure of Dr. Bofoi loves technology so much and this is what continues to make him experience an increase in strength. 

One Punch Man: Who is the Metal Knight?

Dr. Bofoi is known to be very skilled in explosives and weapons. 

This is what he then applied to one of his robots.

Because Dr. Bofoi is a scientist, his approach is very pragmatic. 

He is a cruel person and also sometimes the methods he uses are too extreme without regard for others. 

For example, when the son of the leader of the Hero Association, Waganma, was kidnapped by the Monster Association, he gave the opinion of blowing up the place.

So far, Dr. Bofoi hasn't shown his full ability yet. 

This made the people at the Hero Association very worried and afraid of Dr. Bofoi. 

They were also worried what if he later decided to betray and turned against the hero's side. 

However, fortunately so far there has been no sign that he will betray.

Metal Knight Not a Hero?

One Punch Man: Who is the Metal Knight?

Although rarely appear to eradicate evil, Metal Knight is included in the highest ranks of heroes along with the figure of Blast in the Hero Association. 

Metal Knight always reasoned that he must have a mature strategy before starting his action. 

This was shown when Metal Knight refused Child Emperor's invitation to infiltrate the Monster Association headquarters, in order to save Waganma. 

He reasoned it was too reckless because there was no protection.

This raises the question, is Metal Knight not a hero?

Metal Knight managed to use its technology to rebuild the city in no time. 

He could also even build the Hero Association headquarters with his technology. 

However, many fans say he is actually a scavanger or a collector of technologically advanced goods.

What then is the evidence of this? 

One Punch Man: Who is the Metal Knight?

During Saitama's fight against Boros, in which the components of Boros' spaceship were smashed to pieces. 

Metal Knight then appears and collects the pieces to be used by him again. 

Does that mean Metal Knight or Dr. Bofoi is a criminal?

One of the S-class heroes, Drive Knight, once told Genos to be careful of Dr. Bofoi. 

According to him, the figure of Dr. Bofoi is very dangerous. 

And he even mentioned that Dr. Bofoi is his real enemy. 

There is a theory that what Dr. Bofoi – by gathering advanced technology – is about to build his army of robots.

So is he a hero? 

Based on what he did, even though it wasn't helping to defeat monsters or villains, his actions mirrored that of a hero. 

But, is he bad? 

So far, only Drive Knight has said that Dr. Evil Bofoi. 

There is no concrete evidence or clues regarding this, so for now it is unlikely that Dr. Bofoi is a bad person.

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