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One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Until now, geeks certainly know that devil fruits are the biggest source of power in the One Piece series, apart from Haki. 

Almost all the great fighters or characters in the series have the power of a devil fruit and depend on that power. 

Devil fruit is also considered as another treasure because those who eat it will be endowed with tremendous power.

Although devil fruits are the main source of power in the series, and many great powers are produced from devil fruits, the fact is that there are other sources of power that are no less epic and powerful. 

Not coming from a devil fruit or Haki, this powerful power has its own uniqueness that makes it different from the two sources of power. Anything?

1. Jio-Ken

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Jio-Ken is a style of fighting or martial arts used by Lao, a member of the Donquixote pirate group. 

This fighting style makes the figure of Lao G, who is no longer young, still able to deliver high-speed punches and powerful kicks in a fight. 

This is also what makes him one of the great fighters in the Dressrosa arc.

One of the great things about this martial technique is a technique called Qigong. 

This technique allows Lao G to balance the energy within himself in such a way that he saves the energy and strength from his youth for later use in his old age at this time. 

This Jio-Ken technique was even able to make Lao G superior to Don Chinjao.

2. Seimei Kikan

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Also known as Life Return, Seimei Kikan is one of the most epic sources of power presented in the series. 
Although there are many characters who feel capable of using their powers, there are only two characters who have been confirmed to be users of this technique, namely Rob Lucci and Kumadori.

Seimei Kikan is a technique where a person will be able to manipulate all functions in their body without the need for effort. 

Things like digestion, blood flow, etc., can be controlled according to the user's wishes. 

Combined with the Kami-E technique, the user can manipulate their muscle mass to the max.

3. Rokushiki

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Rokushiki or Six Powers, is a martial arts technique commonly taught among World Government officers. 
This martial technique could only be awakened through rigorous training. 

Even though someone has undergone strenuous training to be able to use the Rokushiki technique, not all of them are able to master and are then called Rokushiki masters.

As the name implies, there are six things in the Rokushiki technique, namely Tekkai (Body Hardening), Soru (Fast Move), Shigan (Finger Gun), Kami-E, Geppo, and Ranyaku. 

However, there is a seventh technique called Rokuogan, which can only be accessed if one has mastered all six powers perfectly.

4. Hasshoken

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Hasshoken is a distinctive fighting style possessed by the great warriors of the Kano kingdom. 

Hasshoken is a technique that allows the user to control the vibrations around their body.

In a fight, the vibrations are strong enough to create an irresistible shockwave.

Even the strongest iron will be able to be destroyed with the use of the Hasshoken technique. 

Because of that, the Hasshoken technique will be very dangerous and terrible if it hits the opponent's body. 

Sai is a character who is known to wield this tremendous power, and this power is no less powerful than that of his grandfather, Don Chinjao.

5. Fishman Karate

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Fishman Karate is one of the other powerful powers in the One Piece series, apart from the devil fruit. 

And this is also one of the most powerful martial arts in the series. 

Technically, Fishman Karater focuses on controlling the water around its target, which then generates a large shockwave that can injure the target. 

You could say the technique is similar to Hasshoken, it's just that there is an additional water manipulation.

Because almost everyone's body contains liquid, this Fishman Karate technique is very difficult to resist because it can penetrate a person's body easily. 

Even the owner of a devil fruit like Luffy, has to have a hard time when he has to deal with users of Fishman Karate techniques, such as the figure of Jinbe.

6. DNA Strength Enhancement

One Piece: 6 Powers Other Than Devil Fruits!

Lineage Factor is another name for DNA in the story in the One Piece series, and is often referred to as the blueprint of life. 

Several scientists in the series managed to find a way to be able to change the Lineage Factor, and use it to be later developed into a source of tremendous power. 

Vegapunk and Judge are characters who manage to do just that.

Dr. Vegapunk is known to be able to use this to create artificial devil fruits. 

Or also Vegapunk is able to create other things, such as a large dragon that guards Punk Hazard. 

Meanwhile, Vinsmoke Judge is able to alter and modify the DNA of his children to then increase their powers, becoming effective monster killers. 

As a result of this, the Vinsmoke family has regeneration power, high speed, strong muscles, and also a tough body.

In the world of One Piece, fighting is unavoidable. 

And in battle, of course, various techniques or powerful powers are needed to be able to paralyze the enemy. 

In addition to devil fruit and Haki, there are other powers that are no less powerful that the characters use in the story and the six powers above are examples.

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