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Boruto: 4 of Armado's Most Epic Creations!

Boruto: 4 of Armado's Most Epic Creations!

Amado is the smartest and most mysterious figure in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. Until now, we still do not know much about the figure of Amado. 

We don't know who he really is, his powers, or his origins. Amado is only told to join Inner Kara and help Jigen with his various plans.

Amado is an intelligent figure where he is a scientist who is highly relied upon by the figure of Kara. 

Jigen is so dependent on Amado's abilities and intelligence. 

His intelligence is believed to be even better than Katasuke, and even Orochimaru. 

So, what are the things that Amado has created so far?

Creating a Cyborg Man

Boruto: 4 of Armado's Most Epic Creations!

One of the things that makes Amado proven to be an intelligent figure is how he is able to modify humans to then turn into cyborgs. 

Of course, it is not easy to change an ordinary human into a figure who has tremendous power. 

For example, the figure of Boro who has the ability to heal quickly, and also has above average physical strength.

Or the figure of Delta, where from his eyes he can issue a powerful laser shot and his ability is quite troublesome even for Naruto's figure. 

This is one of the things that Jigen takes advantage of from Amado's figure, because of Amado's ability Kara is a group that is feared by many people. 

They have a terrible army.

Creating "humans"

Boruto: 4 of Armado's Most Epic Creations!
In addition to being able to modify humans to become cyborgs and have tremendous powers, proof of Amado's intelligence is how he is able to create "humans". 

Amado is known to have succeeded in creating the figure of Jiraiya in the form of Kashin Koji, one of the Inner Kara. Geeks of course realize that Kashin Koji has a similar shape to Jiraiya.

This makes fans think that Kashin Koji is his son, or various other speculations and theories. 

Until then Jigen revealed that Kashin Koji was a clone of Jiraiya, and Amado had created him. 

Until now it is still a mystery where Amado got Jiraiya's DNA, and how he was able to create a Jiraiya clone.

Making Otsutsuki Killing Drugs

Boruto: 4 of Armado's Most Epic Creations!

In his conversation with Naruto, Amado revealed that he had a daughter about 13 years ago. 

However, his daughter died for unknown reasons. 

There is much speculation that her daughter died from Isshiki or from Otsutsuki. 

This is the reason that then makes Amado join Kara, and plans to kill Ishiki.

However, Amado realized that physical combat would not benefit him. 

He also uses another way, namely by creating a drug whose effect can weaken the ability of an Otsutsuki. 

This drug was given to Naruto to be drunk by Boruto. 

The goal is to slow down the process of turning Boruto into Otsutsuki. 

Unfortunately, the side effects of this drug are terrible.

Creating the "Perfect Man"

In addition to making pills that can weaken and then kill Isshiki's life, Amado's other attempt to kill Isshiki is to create another cyborg. 

However, this cybrog is different from the cyborgs he created before such as Delta or Boro. 

The cyborg that Amado created to kill Isshiki even has a much more powerful power than Jigen.

The cyborgs in question are Eida as well as Daemon. 

They are both characters who have just been introduced in the series. 

Actually, Eida and Daemon are cyborgs that were supposed to be destroyed on Jigen's orders, but Boro decides to keep them in his facility. 

What makes Daemon and Eida "perfect" as cyborgs is that they have powerful abilities like Senrigan and Daemon's mysterious techniques. 

It is still not known how Amado then instilled this powerful power into them.

With the intelligence that Amado has, it is not surprising that later he creates or produces something great. 

The four examples above are great creations and proof of the awesomeness of Amado so far. 

It's interesting, of course, to look forward to what else Amado will create in the future, and whether his creations will be harmful to Konoha and the other shinobi world.

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