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Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

Since the first Harry Potter story was created by J.K. Rowling, until now has spawned a prequel film franchise entitled Fantastic Beasts, there are lots of interesting things in her mythology that seem to never end to be discussed, from various unique magics, to very interesting creatures. 

And from the various mythologies of the Wizarding World, there are some special magical abilities that are said to only be possessed by certain wizards. 

Of the many magical magicians that have been introduced, here are 5 magicians who have proven to have special abilities!

1. Severus Snape

Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

There is no doubt that Severus Snape's character is the most complicated in the Harry Potter universe. 

Starting his performance as an annoying teacher, in the end Severus' death has caused Harry Potter fans to grieve. 

Severus is often described as a teacher who is very skilled in the field of potions. 

Turns out, besides being a potion expert, he also has a special magic ability that can read other people's minds, namely Legilimency. 

Likewise Occlumency which is known as anti-Legilimency magic. 

And Severus secretly taught Occlumens to Harry Potter.

2. Queenie Goldstein

Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

Legilimency is a special magic that requires special training as well as complicated, it was proven when Severus tried to master it for years. 

However, in the Fantastic Beasts film, Queenie Goldstein is said to have a much greater Legilimens ability. 

Instead of being acquired through elaborate training, Queenie seemed to naturally develop her Legilimency ability. 

Queenie's great ability is shown when she can feel the suffering of her sister, Tina Goldstein, who at that time was in danger of being executed and was in a very far away place.

3. Credence Barebone

Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

From the wizards who rule Legilimens, we turn to the character from the Fantastic Beasts named Credence Barebone aka Aurelius Dumbledore. 

In Fantastic Beasts, Credence is depicted as a figure who grew up in the rough upbringing of a No-Maj named Mary Lou Barebone. 

The torment and depression she was going through made Credence's magic mess up and become a kind of destructive force called Obscurus. 

Even though it was obtained by accident, it was quite clear that Obscurus was a special magic that only Credence Barebone had shown so far.

4. Voldemort

Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

Since first appearing as an antagonist in the Harry Potter saga, many things indicate Voldemort's love for snakes. 

He turns Nagini who was originally a human into one of his Horcruxes. 

Then, he is also a Slytherin class Hogwarts student who has indeed used snakes as his symbol from the start. 

And as Dark Lord, Voldemort turned out to be mastering a special magic called Parseltongue or snake language. 

That's why Nagini is so loyal to Voldemort, one of the reasons is because Voldemort controls Parseltongue.

5. Harry Potter

Harry Potter: 5 Magicians with Special Abilities!

As a young wizard, Harry Potter is actually almost like any other student at Hogwarts School. 

When he was prophesied as the Chosen One who was destined to defeat Voldemort, it was because Voldemort had chosen him from the start. 

However, as time went on, it was revealed that Harry Potter had mastered Parseltongue like Voldemort. 

And as he begins to accept his destiny, it is also revealed that Harry is one of Voldemort's living Horcruxes, which saves him when Voldemort attacks him with the deadly Avada Kedavra.

Those are five wizards in the Wizarding World universe who are said to have special magical abilities. 

With the various magics they have, these five characters have become a small number of magicians who have unique magical abilities that other people don't have. 

Where not infrequently this special ability actually leads them to become the greatest magicians in the universe.

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