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One Piece: Sabo Dies at Mary Geoise?

One Piece: Sabo Dies at Mary Geoise?

The fans were surprised by a news that appeared in chapter 956 in the One Piece series. 

In fact, not only the fans, the news also made the entire Revolutionary Army shocked and worried. 

The first news is how the Shichibukai system was dissolved by the existing kings, because they were seen as a threat rather than as reinforcements.

Then other news that emerged was about the death of the figure of Sabo in Mary Geoise. 

A week after the Levely, the leaders of the participating kingdoms returned to their respective territories. 

Morgans and his team then compile the stories that happened during the Levely, and considering Morgans presents sensitive news, there was a CP-0 agent who tried to intervene in the news.

The World Government seems to have failed to cover up some of the important events that occurred during the Levely, which later made headlines in the Morgan newspapers. 

This also made the entire population shocked and could not believe what had happened. 

One of the shocking news is about the death of the figure of Sabo.

One Piece: Sabo Dies at Mary Geoise?

We see how Koala cries and is saddened by the news, while Dragon and the others try to find out the truth. 

Then on the other side, Makino and Dadan were flooded with tears when they saw the news. 

They must again lose the figure they know, after previously they had to lose the figure of Ace.

However, the question then is whether Sabo is really dead? 

Or is the news just a distraction and a strategy prepared by certain parties? 

Garp himself had explained to Neptunes that there was a big event happening in the kingdom of Alabasta, the home of Nefertari Vivi. 

It's still unknown what major event Garp was referring to.

However, there is a speculation that maybe the World Government is making a big scenario. 

They tried to kill Nefertari Cobra and then blamed Sabo's figure for the incident. 

However, it could be that Sabo ran away with Vivi to a much safer place.

One Piece: Sabo Dies at Mary Geoise?

The World Government did not want this news to spread to the whole world, because it would make them look weak. 

If indeed Sabo was killed or captured, I don't think the World Government should bother ordering its agents to ask Morgan to delete the story. 

The reaction of the Revolutionary Army upon reading the news about Sabo was more of disappointment and shock than sadness.

The Revolutionary Army certainly knew what Sabo's abilities were like. So it seems difficult for them to be able to believe what is presented in the newspaper. 

The next question, why then the Nefertari family became the target of the World Government? This may have something to do with what the Gorosei said.

The Gorosei think that the Nefertari family are traitors. 

That's why they need to be removed from the world. 

The Gorosei also gave Im a suggestion to go back to doing a "mass cleanup".

And they are just waiting for Im's orders to carry it out. 

It could be that the Nefertari family was the first step in the “mass purge”.

One Piece: Sabo Dies at Mary Geoise?

How then Sabo tries to protect Vivi also makes sense, because Vivi certainly knows a lot about important information that could threaten the World Government. 

For example Vivi might know about ancient weapons. 

How Im able to have a photo of Vivi gives a hint that he is an important figure, just like Luffy or Blackbeard.

Talking about the problems of Sabo and Vivi, actually at the Jump Festa 2018 event yesterday, Oda Sensei had said that in this Wano arc we will find out what the fate of Sabo will be. 

However, unfortunately, until now we still have not received any news from them. 

Did Sabo really run away with Vivi? 

Where did they run off to? 

What about their actual condition? 

Hopefully this question can be answered as soon as possible.

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