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Eiichiro Oda Finally Gives A Clue About One Piece Mystery!

Eiichiro Oda Finally Gives A Clue About One Piece Mystery!

One of the biggest mysteries in the One Piece series is what One Piece really is. 

This has been a question for fans, even since the series was first released in the late 1990s. 

So far, the only known information about the One Piece treasure is on the last island, Laugh Tale.

In chapter 967 where we see a flashback of Kozuki Oden's story, Gol D. Roger is shown successfully going to Laugh Tale after he had previously experienced difficulties. 

This can happen after Roger recruits Oden who can read Poneglyphs. 

After arriving at Laugh Tale, according to Roger, the One Piece treasure had long been left there by Joy Boy.

When Roger reads the Poneglyphs in Laugh Tale, Roger realizes that he is too early to come to Laugh Tale. 

And Roger himself just laughed when he read what really happened, and wished he could live in the same era as Joy Boy. 

Unfortunately, until now we still don't know what the true treasure of One Piece is.

Eiichiro Oda Finally Gives A Clue About One Piece Mystery!

Many fans theorize about it. One theory that is quite popular is that One Piece is something that has to do with friendship, and has nothing to do with wealth or the like. 

There are also those who speculate that One Piece is an experience that Luffy and the Straw Hat crew had during their adventure. 

And there are various other theories.

However, it seems that this is wrong. In a recent interview with Oda Sensei, Luffy's voice actor in the anime series, Mayumi Tanaka, revealed the contents of his conversation with Oda Sensei, one of which was to refute these theories. 

Mayumi had said that she only had less than ten years to still voice Luffy.

Mayumi Tanaka also predicts that the One Piece anime series will be finished in seven or eight years. 

Tanaka says that he doesn't know what the ending of the series will be like and even he hopes that he is still given the chance to live to see the final episode of One Piece. 

Tanaka then discussed what One Piece is.

Eiichiro Oda Finally Gives A Clue About One Piece Mystery!

He reveals that Oda denies that One Piece has anything to do with friendship, adventure, experience or anything like that. 

According to Oda, the treasure is real. 

However, until now, both in the anime and in the manga, fans still haven't seen what the shape of the treasure will look like, which may only be presented at the end of the series.

Actually, what Oda said was also revealed several years ago to the creator of the Chibi Maruko-Chan series, Momoko Sakura. 

At that time, the two were also involved in an interview or conversation. 

Momoko had time to ask Oda Sensei about what One Piece really is, and whether One Piece has anything to do with treasure.

Eiichiro Oda Finally Gives A Clue About One Piece Mystery!

Oda then replied that One Piece did have something to do with treasure. 

After struggling for so long, facing various obstacles, and defeating various enemies, according to Oda Luffy and the Straw Hats need to get a reward for their efforts. 

So, it is certain that there is something valuable from One Piece.

The revelation of what One Piece is is considered a good time right now. 

The reason is, Oda Sensei has said that the series will be finished soon. 

Even though fans still have a few years ahead to enjoy the story, this emphasizes the journey of the story at the end of the series. 

We'll just have to wait, geeks, what kind of treasure One Piece will be at the end of the story.

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