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One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

Sanji Vinsmoke is one of the crew of the Straw Hat pirate group and is one of the important characters in the story. 

Sanji himself joined Luffy at the beginning of the series, precisely during the Barattie arc. 

Sanji became one of the early crew of the Straw Hats and also became an important figure for the entire crew.

Like Zoro and Luffy, Sanji also has a formidable fighting ability. 

This is the reason why Sanji is considered a trio of monsters or the three strongest people in the Straw Hat crew. 

With the series running for more than 20 years, there have been many great achievements for Sanji. 

1. Awakening the Diable Jambe

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

Sanji's fight against one of the CP-9 members, Jabra, in the Enies Lobby arc became the moment where Sanji introduced one of his flagship techniques, Diable Jambe. 

According to Sanji, when he gets angry, his body starts to fire. 

This is what later became the reason why Sanji was able to bring fire to his feet in every attack he made.

The angrier Sanji, the hotter and bigger the fire. 

Diable Jambe is a technique where Sanji actually collects all the energy in his legs, which makes the fire in his feet very hot. 

This technique allows Sanji to beat Jabra easily.

2. Reliable Chef

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

It seems for this all geeks know, that Sanji is a reliable chef. 

Almost nothing can match Sanji's cooking skills. 

Sanji himself acquired the ability to cook when he was at Barattie, where Zeff and the chefs there taught Sanji to cook.

Since then, Sanji's cooking skills have improved. When the time-skip occurred, in addition to training his physical abilities, Sanji also learned 99 recipes in the Kamabakka kingdom. 

One proof of Sanji's skill in cooking was shown in the Whole Cake Island arc, where Sanji managed to remake Big Mom's wedding cake. 

If the cake should have been made in a matter of days, Sanji was able to make it in a matter of hours.

3. Leading the Straw Hats

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

Apart from being one of the strongest in his crew and also an expert at cooking, Sanji is also a great leader. 

In fact, when the Straw Hat crew separated on Dressrosa, it was Sanji who later led the crew and became the captain to Zou's territory. 

Not only that, even on Zou Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hat crew managed to save the area. 

There is no doubt that this is one of Sanji's greatest achievements.

4. Pirate King's Wings

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

In the Wano Country arc, the Straw Hat Pirates are shown battling the Beast Pirates in an attempt to defeat Kaido. 

In the battle at Onigashima, there was an interesting moment where Nico Robin mentioned that Sanji was one of the wings of the pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy.

The nickname implies that Sanji is one of the crucial characters in the crew, and is also needed to help Luffy realize his dream. 

Without Sanji's help, Luffy might never be able to reach the pinnacle of his pirate career.

5. Awakening the Germa Ability

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

When Sanji parted ways with Germa at the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, he was gifted a Raid Suit by his brother. 

Although Sanji initially refused to use the Raid Suit, but when he used it Sanji turned into an extraordinary figure. 

This is evident in his fight against Page One.

However, recently in his battle against Queen, Sanji's genetic abilities began to rise. 

Vinsmoke Judge had genetic engineering of his children, before they were born. 

Sanji's other siblings immediately felt the effects of the genetic engineering from birth, but especially for Sanji, only now had his abilities awaken. 

All of that was probably due to the potion Sora, his mother, drank.

6. Gaining New Powers

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

Since Sanji finished his two-year training, he's experienced a lot of strength gains. 

For example, how he is able to walk on water or in the air. 

In the Wano Country arc, we again saw Sanji's increased strength, where he used a new technique that was an extension of Diable Jambe.

During the fight against Queen, Sanji is really angry when he finds out what he did to Osome. 

Sanji realized that it was Queen who had used the Stealth Black technique and then attacked Osome, and not him. 

Sanji also uses a technique which is the development of Diable Jambe, namely Ifrit Jambe. 

The fire and heat are believed to be far more powerful than Diable Jambe.

7. Beat the Queen

One Piece: 7 of Sanji's Great Achievements!

Sanji's fight against Queen the Plague began when they were on the Main Stage on the island of Onigashima. 

It is not easy for Sanji to win the battle against Queen, considering he is one of the Yonko commanders, and is one of the strongest in the Beast pirate group.

However, in the end, Sanji managed to defeat Queen by using the Ifrit Jambe attack which was then ended with the latest combination attack. 

In fact, Queen herself had to be blown away from outside Onigashima after receiving Sanji's attack. 

This is Sanji's biggest achievement so far, where he can defeat a Yonko commander. 

This means that Sanji's power level has greatly increased dramatically.

Sanji Vinsmoke is an extraordinary character presented in the series. 

Although sometimes Sanji becomes a character that is not taken into account, because his figure is so silly and loves women, but basically he is a reliable chef and captain who can be relied on.

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