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Dragon Ball: How Formidable Is the Frieza Family?

Dragon Ball: How Formidable Is the Frieza Family?

Since it was first introduced to the public, the Dragon Ball franchise has presented many villain characters, each of which has unique abilities, appearances, and motifs that are different from one another. 

One of the villains who appears in the story and has faced Goku is Frieza. The appearance of Frieza gives a big change to the franchise.

Frieza is a very popular villain, much like other villains like Cell. And Frieza's popularity made him reappear in the latest series, Dragon Ball Super. 

Although the figure of Frieza has often appeared in various mediums of this franchise, not much is known about his race or family.

Frieza family history

Dragon Ball: How Formidable Is the Frieza Family?

As mentioned above, not much can be known about the Frieza family. 

Some of the popular Frieza family members in the franchise – Frieza and King Cool – never reveal much information about their ancestry or family. 

This is what makes the Frieza family a big mystery even today.

Like the Frieza family, the race of the Frieza family is still a big question mark. So far, Akira Toriyama has not given an official name to Frieza's race. 

Even so, sometimes there are some fans who think of them as Frost Demons or even Friezas. However, there is no definite confirmation about this.

Their home planet is also unknown, but as for the Frieza family from Universe 7, they are known to rule over various planets. 

Usually they go from one planet to another by using their spaceships. 

The Frieza family itself is known to be the conqueror, where they have managed to control various planets.

The Frieza family uses their strength as well as intelligence to fight for power over various planets and races. 

In fact, the race that is known as a fighting race such as the Saiyan race, is shown to be powerless in the face of Frieza and King Cold, and their troops. 

No less terrifying is their immense influence. Even though Frieza was dead, how then their influence persisted in the universe was truly extraordinary.

What Makes Them Special?

Dragon Ball: How Formidable Is the Frieza Family?

How big and how powerful the maximum power of the Frieza race is is very difficult to measure, because there are not many of them that appear in the series. 

Unlike the Namek, human, or Saiyan races, which appear a lot in the story so we can measure how powerful it is. 

That's why, even though the series has been running for decades, the Frieza race is still very rarely explored like the others.

Frost's figure is shown to have characteristics with his version in Universe 7, such as the ability to transform. 

However, there is something about the Frieza's Family that makes them special, different from other races. 

Both Frieza and King Cold are much stronger than the other members of their race, due to mutations in their genetics.

Frieza himself is the most prominent figure among all, so Frieza can easily surpass all members of the Frieza race in terms of strength, and make him the most powerful in his race. 

One thing that is extraordinary about Frieza is his healing ability. 

Although all members of the Frieza Family also have this ability, Frieza is superior.

So far, only twice has Frieza been defeated, and that too was due to a very powerful explosive attack. 

This is what makes Frieza one of the most difficult antagonists to beat in the series. 

So, the conclusion is that although not much information is known about the Frieza family, they are the most influential family in the series.

How they appeared in the Dragon Ball franchise has had a huge impact on all aspects. 

The Frieza family also presents a big challenge for Goku and Vegeta as well as the Z Fighters. 

Will Akira Toriyama provide more information about the Frieza family in the future?

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