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Naruto: Why Do Shinobi Wear Headbands? There Are 3 Reasons!

Naruto: Why Do Shinobi Wear Headbands? There Are 3 Reasons!

The shinobi in the Naruto franchise series are often seen wearing headbands. 

Why do they use this thing? 

In the Naruto world, the shinobi are the main military force of their village and nation. 

The shinobi are also their pride. 

That's why shinobi have a big responsibility, and it's not easy to be a shinobi either.

Those who want to become a shinobi must first undergo various tests. 

After they are officially declared a shinobi, they are then given a headband with their village logo. 

If they weren't shinobi, then they couldn't wear the headband. Why then did the shinobi wear headbands?

1. The Proud of Being a Shinobi

Naruto: Why Do Shinobi Wear Headbands? There Are 3 Reasons!

For all the characters in the Naruto franchise, the sense of pride in their accomplishments is immense. 

This is what makes the headband one of the most important and valuable objects for shinobi. 

To be able to get it is not an easy thing. 

They must first undergo various tests.

They then have to join the academy, train, and so on. 

The headband is considered a form of acknowledgment from the village where they live, that they are the official shinobi of the village who have promised to be able to protect the people around them. 

This is the reason why Naruto was so moved when Iruka gave him the headband and officially became a Konoha shinobi.

2. The Form of "Self Identity"

Naruto: Why Do Shinobi Wear Headbands? There Are 3 Reasons!

As mentioned above, shinobi wear headbands with special and specific logos or symbols. 

Usually the symbol of the village where they live, in other words the symbol on their headband is the "self-identity" of the shinobi. 

For example, for the village of Konoha there is a leaf symbol or logo on his headband.

For the rain village, there is a water logo or symbol on the shinobi's headband. 

This identity is what they always carry with them wherever they go, for example when carrying out a mission outside the village. 

That way, people will easily recognize where the shinobi came from so there is no misunderstanding. 

These shinobi will also be easier to identify.

This is also the reason when the fourth ninja war occurred, the entire shinobi alliance decided to wear a different headband. 

They no longer represent the village, but the alliance party. 

When a ninja decides to betray their village, usually they will "cross out" the logo on their head and they are known as traitors.

3. Forms of Responsibility

Naruto: Why Do Shinobi Wear Headbands? There Are 3 Reasons!

In addition to being a form of self-identity, headbands for shinobi are also a form of responsibility that they must carry. 

By becoming a shinobi, it means that they must be ready to sacrifice for the sake of the villagers. 

They are the spearhead of each village when an attack or other threat arises. These shinobi will protect them.

Becoming a shinobi is not easy.

It takes a great commitment and responsibility so that they can become a great shinobi. 

After they officially become shinobi, it means they are ready with all the responsibilities as shinobi. They must be willing to leave everything for the village where they live.

The headband is an important item in the Naruto franchise, because there are various important meanings behind the headband. 

One example is the headband as a form of responsibility that must be carried out by shinobi. 

Although there are many ways that shinobi save their village logo, but the logo remains an important thing in their lives.

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