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5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

The Boruto series: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's previous series, Naruto. 

The Boruto series focuses on the figure of Uzumaki Boruto, the first child of Naruto. 

After previously Naruto was the main protagonist, now it was his son's turn. 

The series itself is set decades after what happened during the fourth great ninja war, where the world became a peaceful place.

Even though the era presented is different from the previous era, the ninja still exist. 

They are the ones who guard the villages from the various threats that exist, because the threats are still there. 

Even though Boruto is a very extraordinary sequel, it must be admitted that there are various strange things in the series. Anything?

1. Boruto vs Momoshiki

5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

Uzumaki Boruto is the main protagonist in the series, and is one of the characters who fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

Momoshiki appeared when Konoha was carrying out the Chnin exams. 

In the fight, it was Naruto and Sasuke who gave a lot of attacks. 

In fact, the two shinobi almost defeated him

However, it was Boruto who then solved everything. 

This is of course a big question, considering that Boruto is still a Genin, which means that Boruto's abilities are still not much. 

Why then is Boruto able to defeat Momoshiki, who incidentally is part of the Otsutsuki clan, the most powerful clan in the universe.

2. The appearance of Kara

5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

Kara is a criminal organization that appears in the Boruto series, created by Jigen. 

The organization's goal is to help Jigen with his greatest mission, which is to harvest chakra fruit and gain additional powers. 

The question is that Jigen has been a vessel for Isshiki for approximately 500 years. 

How then can Kara be formed? 

What did Jigen do during those 500 years before forming Kara? 

Doesn't Isshiki have any other ideas?

3. The Origin of Kaguya

5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

Kaguya Otsutsuki is one of the first Otsutsuki introduced in this franchise. 

In the Naruto series, it is known that Kaguya Otsutsuki came alone to earth and then she ate the chakra fruit from the sacred tree. 

By using her tremendous power, Kaguya then managed to stop all wars that occurred on earth.

However, an oddity arises when Kaguya's origins are slightly changed in the Boruto series. 

In the series, it is told that Kaguya actually came to earth not alone, but with Isshiki Otsustuki. 

Kaguya then decides to betray Isshiki and the Otsutsuki clan for some reason. 

Besides, the fact that Kaguya was much weaker than Isshiki raised another question mark.

4. Origin of Chakras

5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

In the Naruto series, fans were given information that chakra was not originally there on earth. 

Previously, the chakra was possessed by Kaguya Otsutsuki, who obtained it after eating the chakra fruit from the sacred tree. 

After giving birth to two children, Hagoromo and Hamura, Kaguya Otsutsuki then shared the chakra she had with her two children.

Years later, Hagoromo travels the world and spreads his chakra. 

And in the end the chakra was successfully disseminated to everyone. 

However, in the Boruto series, chakra is shown to have existed on earth for a long time even before Kaguya and Isshiki appeared. 

This is certainly very confusing for the fans.

5. The whereabouts of Kashin Koji

5 Oddities in the Boruto Series!

When Kashin Koji first appeared in the Boruto series, fans were truly amazed by his resemblance to Jiraiya's figure. 

Many theories then emerged about Kashin Koji. 

He himself is an artificial human who works for Kara. 

He is one of several members of Inner Kara. 

However, then the facts were revealed.

According to Isshiki, Koji is a clone of Jiraiya, which explains why then his figure is very similar to Jiraiya. 

However, to make a clone it means Amado needs DNA from Jiraiya. 

Where did Amado get Jiraiya's DNA from? 

How does Amado do this?

Having received strong criticism from fans, the Boruto series is now on its way. 

The story that is presented is also quite exciting with various intrigues and other interesting things. 

But, unfortunately, even though the series is now much better than before, there are some things that actually become big questions for fans. 

The five things above are examples.

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