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Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

The Lord of the Rings is the most successful trilogy of popular films of all time. 

Adapted from the novel of the same name by J. R. R. Tolkien, TLOTR focuses on a fictional world called Middle-Earth, home to people and many magical creatures. 

Although in it there are many beautiful places, but Middle-Earth is not the most comfortable place to live, because there are so many dangerous characters that lurk and prepare to attack at any time. 

Of the many interesting characters in TLOTR, there are five characters that should be avoided. 

Who are they?

1. King of the Dead

Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

The King of the Dead is the king of the spirits trapped in Middle-Earth for breaking the war treaty. 

At first they were troops hired by Isildur to fight, but in the process they never appeared and ended up being cursed themselves. 

In Return of the King, the King of the Dead and his army are told to be recruited by Aragorn for the Battle of Minas Tirith.

After some debate, in the end the King of the Dead agreed because Aragorn was believed to be a descendant of Isildur who could make them free from the curse. 

In Minas Tirith, the King of the Dead shows his strength by leveling all of Sauron's troops that almost destroyed Minas Tirith, releasing them from the curse and proving that King of the Dead is a dangerous character in TLOTR.

2. Balrog

Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

When the Hobbits and Gandalf get on a mission to destroy the One Ring, they are forced to pass through the Mines of Moria. 

Unfortunately, in the former mine there is an ancient demon named Balrog of Morgoth. 

Having a terrible form, Barlog is a giant monster that is said to be one of the strongest creatures in Middle-Earth. 

His body is made of fire and darkness, making him invulnerable to real weapons, such as swords, spears, and so on. 

In addition, Barlog is also famous for being able to spit fire and has a deadly fire whip.

3. Saruman the White

Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

Saruman the White should have been a harmless figure, considering he was one of the magicians in Middle-Earth who was a member of the White Council. 

However, in the end Saruman, who felt that Sauron could not be defeated, chose to ally himself with Sauron. 

Under Sauron's orders, Saruman gets the task of conjuring the people of Middle-Earth into an army of monsters that have one goal, namely to destroy the Kingdom of Rohan. 

As a wizard, he becomes a dangerous character in Middle-Earth who can shoot fire and poison people's minds.

4. Witch King

Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

At the beginning of the TLOTR trilogy, the Witch King was a terrible figure who was shown to be very brutal and evil. 

Long ago, during his lifetime the Witch King was the Nazgul who once ruled the Angmar region and exterminated the Arnor people. 

During the War of the Ring, he was revived by Sauron who made him a dangerous war general. 

Possessing the power of dark magic from Minas Morgul, the Witch King is shown to be able to destroy Gandalf's wand and kill King Theodon with ease. 

Although he is initially seen riding a dark horse, at the end of the trilogy he is shown riding a dangerous dragon called a Fellbeast.

5. Sauron

Lord of the Rings: 5 Most Dangerous Middle Earth Characters!

The last most dangerous character is Sauron himself, the king and demon who has brought destruction to many places in Middle-Earth. 

Even after his physical form is said to have been defeated, he still has the power to create giant eyes on the Barad Dur tower. 

With those giant eyes, Sauron could see everything that was happening in Middle-Earth and sense the existence of the One Ring.

While being a giant fire eye in Barad Dur, although his strength is not as strong as when he has a physical form, Sauron remains the most dangerous threat in Middle-Earth, because he has many loyal monster troops and is ready to carry out all his orders at any time.

Those are the 5 most dangerous characters who have the potential to threaten the people of Middle-Earth. 

You could say, from King of the Dead to Dark Lord Sauron, they only brought fear to Middle-Earth itself. 

Not to mention that their strength is arguably above the average of the creatures in their world, making them a figure that is better avoided if you want to survive.

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