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Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

Continuing the success of the Naruto series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brings something new to the fans of the series. 

As presented in the series, Boruto shows a new generation of Konoha shinobi who are very extraordinary. 

Examples are Uzumaki Boruto, Uchiha Sarada, or even Mitsuki. 

Even so, children in this modern era are much more fortunate thanks to the peaceful situation.

They are no longer forced to become shinobi, even though they have a large amount of chakra within them. 

However, the theme of the shinobi is the main focus in the series. 

Based on that, there are many new characters and other new things introduced, including Jutsu or ninja techniques. 

Here are the strongest Jutsu in the series at this time.

1. Vanishing Rasengan

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

The Vanishing Rasengan is a modification of the previously existing Rasengan technique. 

This jutsu was created and modified by Uzumaki Boruto. 

Vanishing Rasengan is not only strong, but also able to make the enemy do not expect / do not expect the attack. 

Boruto himself created this Jutsu when he was trying to learn the original technique of the Rasengan.

However, Boruto actually failed in doing so even though he had tried repeatedly. 

However, what happened was that Boruto combined his electric chakra, and accidentally created a Jutsu that was able to stop Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

For ordinary shinobi, it will be very difficult to be able to do or master it. 

However, Boruto was able to master it in no time.

2. True Fire of Samadhi

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

This jutsu is used by Kashin Koji, who is known to be a clone of Jiraiya, as revealed by Amado and Isshiki. 

True Fire of Samadhi itself is a Jutsu that is very similar to the Amaterasu technique. 

The power of this Jutsu is not only terrifying and destructive. 

Nothing can stop its flames from burning its target to ashes, neither rain nor wind.

3. Destruction Beam

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

Delta is a member of Inner Kara and also one of the strongest enemies Naruto has faced so far. 

His extraordinary strength, as well as his body that has been modified by Amado, and the ability to regenerate make Delta have many advantages over Naruto.

Not to mention Delta has an intelligence that is no less powerful, making him a very difficult enemy to beat. 

One of his mainstay moves or Jutsu is Destruction Beam. 

As the name suggests, this Jutsu sees Delta emit a beam similar to a laser that has devastating power. 

This jutsu can be used for long-range or long-range attacks.

4. Sukunahikona

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

Sukunahikona is a powerful ability possessed by Isshiki Otsutsuki. 

This technique allows Isshiki to be able to make any object small, even himself. 

This technique was also used by Isshiki when he was injured and then entered Jigen's ear, before taking over his body.

By using this technique, Isshiki has many advantages. As shown when facing Kashin Koji, this technique is used as a way to defeat Jiraiya's clone. 

This technique also makes Isshiki able to destroy enemies, with various objects or anything without them knowing.

5. Chakra Extraction

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

Besides Isshiki, Momoshiki Otsutsuki is also one of the extraordinary characters in the Boruto series. 

He is one of the main villains in the series. 

With Momoshiki implanting his Karma seal into Boruto's body, the threat from Momoshiki has not disappeared from this earth. 

In fact, it seems that he will still have a big role in the future.

One of the awesome things that Momoshiki has is Chakra Extraction or extracting chakra from the target's body. 

With a larger scale, Momoshiki will always have the advantage in every fight. 

This is also what made Momoshiki had time to make Sasuke and Naruto difficult.

6. Jougan

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

Jougan is the only Doujutsu in the Boruto series that can be considered "exclusive" because no one else has this doujutsu besides Boruto. 

Until now, this Doujutsu is still a big question among fans, including its various abilities. 

Many fans believe that the Doujutsu has tremendous power.

Actually, on several occasions we have seen how powerful the Doujutsu Jougan is, for example when Boruto faced Urashiki and also Momoshiki. 

One of Jougan's abilities is being able to track the space and time Jutsu used by his enemies. 

Jougan is also able to see the enemy's weak points and chakra flow.

7. Karma

Boruto: 7 Strongest Jutsu You Should Know!

For now, in the Boruto series, Karma is the most powerful Jutsu presented in the story. 

The Karma Seal itself was shown to be on Kawaki and Boruto's bodies, which was done by Momoshiki and Isshiki Otsutsuki. 

The Karma Seal, as described by Code, is able to increase the strength and fighting ability of the person.

This is because in Karma there is data on battles that have occurred for thousands of years from the Otsutsuki. 

And it's true, when Boruto was taken over by Momoshiki, even Boro's figure was easily defeated. 

Even Naruto looked helpless. 

In addition, Karma is also able to absorb ninjutsu attacks.

The Boruto series was wobbly at the beginning due to various factors, which made the series much criticized. 

However, in recent years the series has begun to show improvement. 

There are many surprises and twists presented in the series, which fans have always been waiting for.

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