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One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character in Eiichiro Oda's series One Piece. 

Luffy has a dream to become a pirate king. 

In his adventures, Luffy meets a lot of people. 

Some of them later joined Luffy and became part of his crew. 

However, there are also those who actually become enemies of Luffy.

Luffy is known for his abilities and great strength. 

Luffy also has high determination in every fight. 

However, even so, that doesn't mean Luffy can win every time. 

Luffy has also been shown to have lost in battles. 

Then, which characters have ever managed to beat Luffy?

1. Smoker

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

Luffy and Smoker have a "unique" relationship throughout the series. 

At the beginning of the One Piece series, it was shown how Smoker was the first marine to attempt to capture Luffy. 

Smoker became one of the first enemies faced by Luffy as a pirate. 

Smoker and Luffy's fight itself takes place in Loguetown.

Because he still doesn't have the experience or knowledge of Gomu Gomu's devil fruit abilities, as well as how to deal with enemies who also have devil fruit abilities, Luffy was finally defeated easily by Smoker. 

If it wasn't for the Dragon figure that appeared at that time, maybe Luffy would have been caught and detained by Smoker.

2. Crocodile

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

The fight between Luffy and Crocodile is still one of the epic and iconic fights in the One Piece series. 

This is Luffy's first fight, where he has to really put all his strength and strength into it. 

And in this battle, Luffy has to feel how bitter a failure is in the fight.

Crocodile is neither Captain Kuro nor Smoker. 

Crocodile's power level was way above both of them and Luffy's. 

Crocodile himself was still part of the Shichibukai. 

In this battle, Luffy was not even defeated once but twice. 

First, Luffy was rendered helpless and almost drowned in the sand. 

Second, Luffy was dehydrated by Crocodile after his body fluids were sucked in.

3. Rob Lucci

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

In addition to the fight against Crocodile, the fight against Rob Lucci is also one of the epic and most memorable battles. 

Moreover, according to fan polls, the Enies Lobby arc is one of the most popular and phenomenal arcs, besides the Summit War arc. 

Rob Lucci is Luffy's opponent in this arc.

With the strength he has, Rob Lucci is not an easy figure to be defeated by Luffy. 

And Luffy himself must admit that Lucci's strength is far above his, even above Crocodile's. 

Luffy also had to lose twice when dealing with Lucci, where in the end Luffy was able to win.

4. Aokiji

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

The fight against Aokiji or Kuzan actually can't be called a fight, because it happened so short and this fight just happened. 

Luffy didn't prepare for the fight against Aokiji, but what he did managed to convince the former admiral to spare Robin's life.

As one might expect, once again Luffy had to face a much stronger enemy. 

Aokiji at that time was one of the admirals of the navy, which meant that his level of strength was very difficult to match with Luffy. 

Aokiji even beat not only Luffy, but also the entire Straw Hat crew.

5. Bartholomew Kuma

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

Just like the fight against Aokiji, actually the fight against Kuma was not a fight in general. 

With a very short time and no preparation at all, Luffy ended up losing easily. 

In fact, the entire Straw Hat crew can be defeated easily by Kuma. 

What's interesting is that this defeat turned out to have a hidden purpose.

Kuma is known to have ties to the Revolutionary Army. 

Many suspect that what Kuma did by sending Luffy and the others to various places had a specific purpose, namely increasing their abilities. 

Kuma himself at that time was one of the Shichibukai like Crocodile so it was only natural that Luffy ultimately lost the battle.

6. Magellan

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

Luffy's fight against Magellan in Impel Down prison is an interesting one. 

Magellan is shown to be able to match Luffy's abilities, because Luffy can't move freely. 

Luffy realized that he couldn't be hit by the poison released by Magellan. 

In the end, the fight was over and Luffy lost when Magellan used the Hydra Posion technique, which left Luffy critical.

Luffy's life really almost went away, because according to Magellan almost no one could survive the attack.

However, a miracle then appeared after Bon Clay found the 5.5th floor and also met Emporio Ivankov. 

Using his hormonal abilities, Luffy was finally able to recover in tens of hours with all the poison removed.

7. Kaido

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Ever Defeated Luffy!

Luffy's fight against Kaido is the most epic fight Luffy has ever faced so far. 

And even then, the battle itself is still going on now. The battle between Luffy and Kaido took place in the Wano Country arc. 

In this arc, it is shown how Luffy faces one of the rulers of the ocean who has the title of the most powerful creature in the world.

At first, Luffy was so confident in dealing with Kaido, where the opposite happened. 

Luffy managed to lose with just one attack. 

Having returned to training, 

Luffy then returned to fight Kaido in the battle at Onigashima. 

However, again Luffy was defeated by Kaido, not once but twice. 

And currently, Luffy's fight against Kaido is still ongoing.

Luffy's defeat is actually not a bad sign. 

Quite the contrary, this bodes well for Luffy. 

As the story shows, when Luffy is defeated, he will return to training to become stronger. 

And this is certainly very good for the development of Luffy's character in the future.

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