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Boruto: Jinchuriki vs Karma, Which is the Strongest 'Vessel'?

Boruto: Jinchuriki vs Karma, Which is the Strongest 'Vessel'?

In the world of Naruto there are many interesting things that are presented in the story. 

An example is how Naruto must face other shinobi who are trying to rule the world, an example is Akatsuki. 

Or we can also see how there are clans from outside planet earth who are trying to absorb all life energy and destroy the earth, namely the Otsutsuki clan.

Apart from that, we are also introduced to other interesting elements that are presented in the story. 

For example, we are introduced to the concept of Jinchuriki and also the concept of Karma. 

These two concepts both involve the body of another person to later become a vessel for other figures. 

There are also advantages and terrible things they have to face. 

However, between the two, which one is much stronger?


Boruto: Jinchuriki vs Karma, Which is the Strongest 'Vessel'?

Jinchuriki is basically a term for someone who becomes a vessel for tailed beasts. 

As presented in the story, Hagoromo Otsutsuki split some of his chakra into 10 tailed beasts which were then scattered throughout the earth. 

In ancient times, the bijuu were used for various purposes, including world domination.

That's why, in the end Hashirama Senju decided to divide the bijuu into various ninja villages to be able to control and monitor them. 

And so that the bijuu are easy to monitor, it takes someone who can be a vessel to store the bijuu. 

The figure who later became a vessel for the bijuu was called the Jinchuriki.

Being a Jinchuriki itself is actually a big responsibility. 

Besides having to be able to establish good communication with the bijuu in their bodies, they must also be prepared to risk their lives, because they will most likely be targeted by many people. 

This can be seen in yesterday's Naruto series, where Akatsuki massively hunted the tailed beasts.


Boruto: Jinchuriki vs Karma, Which is the Strongest 'Vessel'?

Karma is an ability that is exclusive to the Otsutsuki clan. 

The Otsutsuki clan itself is known not to have come from Earth, and it is still unknown where they came from. 

The Otsutsuki clan is known to be able to live eternally, and Karma is a process that allows them to live eternally. 

Basically, Karma is the process of transferring data from an Otsutsuki to another person or vessel.

When someone has been appointed or becomes a vessel for an Otsutsuki through the Karma seal, then the Otsutsukiification process begins. 

As explained by Code and Amado, the data will slowly begin to enter the body from the vessel. 

And when that happens, it's only a matter of time until the whole process is complete. 

This is what is currently experienced by Boruto Uzumaki.

In the story, it is known that Boruto's Otsutsukification process has reached 80%, which means that it won't be long before Boruto will then fully belong to the Otsutsuki figure in his body, namely Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

What's interesting is that usually someone is known to be the owner of the Karma seal by looking at the tattoos or special marks on his body, from the hands to the face.

Who is Stronger?

Boruto: Jinchuriki vs Karma, Which is the Strongest 'Vessel'?

The question then is who is stronger? 

It should be noted that both Jinchuriki and Karma both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Being a Jinchuriki allows one to have an increase in strength without having to worry about his life disappearing or being taken over by the tailed beast. 

They also don't need to worry about chakra supply, because usually the tailed beasts have a lot of chakra reserves.

However, what is noted here is that a Jinchuriki can become strong depending on the bijuu that is within them. An example is Killer Bee or Naruto. 

Unfortunately, becoming a Jinchuriki has a drawback where if the body can't adjust to it, it's not impossible that they will die.

What about Karma? 

Those who have the Karma seal also experience a tremendous increase. 

As mentioned by Code, in addition to containing the genetic and personal data of an Otsutsuki, Karma also has battle data stored during their previous life. 

That is, whether or not someone with the Karma seal is strong or not depends on who the Otsutsuki figure gives it.

If that figure was Kaguya or Isshiki, then they could be sure they would be strong figures. 

Vice versa. 

Boruto: Jinchuriki vs Karma, Which is the Strongest 'Vessel'?

On the other hand, those who have the Karma seal already have to accept the fate that their lives will not be saved. 

Because, basically having the Karma seal is the same as giving their lives to the Otsutsuki.

So, in conclusion, with the comparison that one person becomes a Jinchuriki for Kurama and another person becomes a vessel for Isshiki, it can be concluded that the Karma seal is much stronger than the Jinchuriki.

Karma has many advantages such as being able to absorb jutsu made of chakra, which has proven to be a hassle for shinobi.

And also as mentioned by Code, when one is able to maximize the ability of Karma, which includes the battle data of an Otsutsuki, they can become invincible. 

In fact, when a person cannot or is not optimal in controlling their Karma, they can still become a strong figure.

On the other hand, the figure who became the Jinchuriki, if they were not familiar with his abilities it was not impossible that they would lose or die. 

And the most important thing is that the tailed beasts are made of life energy, which belongs to Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

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