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One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime series throughout history. 

It's been more than two decades in the series, and the characters and worlds that are presented in the story are truly incredibly rich and extraordinary. 

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist of the series, as well as being the character that fans love the most.

However, even though Luffy is the most loved and favorite character, it doesn't mean that Luffy will be able to beat the other characters in the story. 

Luffy may be a future pirate king, but there are some characters who have a very high level that makes it difficult for Luffy to conquer them. Anyone?

1. Monkey D. Dragon – The Most Terrible Criminal

One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

Monkey D. Dragon is the father of Luffy. 

He is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, which is the opposition force of the World Government. 

They even have the goal of overthrowing the World Government. 

Dragon is the most feared figure in the whole world.

2. Shanks – The Most Charismatic Figure

One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

Shanks the Red Hair is one of the rulers of the ocean aka Yonko, which means he is one of the most powerful characters and also respected by people in the world. 

Shanks is also known to have tremendous power, especially regarding his Haki. 

This has been shown during his fight against Whitebeard.

Shanks also even stopped Kaido from going to Marineford and managed to stop the war. 

And the most epic is how Shanks can meet the Gorosei. Luffy might be able to get people around him to help him. 

However, Luffy does not have the same charisma as Luffy, because of his ridiculous nature.

3. Dr. Vegapunk – The Smartest Character

One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

Dr. Vegapunk is one of the most mysterious characters in the One Piece franchise. 

He is a scientist who works for the World Government and is referred to as “the smartest human being in the whole world”. 

Experiments or various research that he did, even able to exceed 700 years from his time. 

One of the most epic discoveries is the lineage factor.

Besides being a very genius figure, Vegapunk himself seems to be a good character. 

He resisted various cruel and gruesome methods for his experimental research. 

Luffy himself will never be able to surpass the intelligence of the figure of Vegapunk, because Luffy is not known for his intelligence.

4. Rocks D. Xebec – The Most Cursed Pirate

One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

Rocks D. Xebec is a legendary pirate whose pirate group is known as the most powerful pirate group in the world. 

Rocks itself comes from an era long before Roger's era. 

He gathered various great and strong people on Beehive Island to then form a pirate group, namely the Rocks pirates.

The figure of Rocks himself is known to be very strong, even to be able to defeat him in an event known as the God Valley incident, it takes two people, namely Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger. 

Rocks himself is better known for his bad reputation, and Luffy is unlikely to surpass Rocks' reputation because Luffy is not a "criminal" figure like other pirates.

5. Whitebeard – The Most Powerful Man in the World

One Piece: 5 Characters That Luffy Can't Defeat!

Edward Newgate or better known as Whitebeard is one of the most popular pirates who ever sailed in the series. 

Whitebeard himself was once part of the Rocks pirate group, and later he earned the nickname the most powerful human in the world. 

Also he later formed his own pirate group.

Whitebeard himself is one of the four rulers of the ocean aka Yonko. 

One of Whitebeard's horrors, the entire navy gathered just to face Whitebeard's group. 

Even though Luffy will probably beat Kaido in the battle of Onigashima, it doesn't seem like he will be able to surpass Whitebeard in terms of his basic strength.

As the story progresses in the One Piece series, Luffy is shown to experience various power improvements. 

In fact, you could say the increase he experienced was quite drastic. 

It is still unknown what will happen in the future, but it is believed that Luffy will not be able to surpass the achievements of the characters above.

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