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Like 2D Characters? That's Normal, Check the Following Facts

Like 2D Characters? That's Normal, Check the Following Facts

It's a Normal Thing that Almost Everyone has Experienced

Hello guys!

This time, I want to talk about a problem that you might have thought about.  Is it normal to like characters in 2D? Just relax, it's normal, there's even a scientific explanation for it.

This is called a Parasocial Relationship, this is a term for a relationship between an individual and someone who is not a real person. 

It could be an artist, a public figure, a singer, and even a fictional character.

This can happen because the brain processes the experience of seeing through a medium the same as direct experience.

Because of this, we will feel happy when our favorite characters are happy, but sad if they are sad too.

In addition to anime fans, parasocial relationships are also experienced by everyone.  

In whatever form, whether it's the idols of K-pop, Hollywood artists, or FTV characters from local TV stations, it's all a parasocial relationship. 

Does this relationship have a positive effect? That's obvious.  We don't know what happens in our lives, who knows what will happen.

There are times when we run into a heavy problem that no one else can help us. I'm sure this happens to almost everyone, and that's where parasocial relationships help us.

A 2-D work of fiction comes and helps ease the burden, every time seeing them smile in an anime can make our hearts calm, right?

As an example, you can see the story of one of the fans of Vtuber Takanashi Kiara, Hololive EN 1st Gen.

Takanashi Kiara

One of her fans has stage 4 cancer, in one of Kiara's streams the fan thanked Kiara for making a stream that could make her happy for the rest of her life.

In the superchat, she also said that this might be the last time she could watch Kiara's stream.

for more details, you can see the clip directly below, or you can also watch it directly on Kiara's youtube channel:

Now you understand, don't you? 

The positive effects that parasocial relationships can have.

Parasocial relationships can make us more excited and calm the mind when we are faced with a lot of problems.

But remember that excessive things are bad, parasocial relationships do have positive benefits, but if it happens in excess, it certainly won't be good.

Remember your social relationship in the real world, just keep it in balance

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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