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Attack on Titan: Important Details Before Watching the Final Season!

Attack on Titan: Important Details Before Watching the Final Season!

The final season for the Attack on Titan anime series is only a short time away, before it begins to premiere. 

In this last season we will be presented with the culmination of what has happened before in the last three seasons. 

However, before geeks witness the final season of the series, there are things to note and recall.

The Attack on Titan series has been through a lot since its inaugural season. 

We see how humans try to survive in the face of threats from the terrible Titans, who could eat them at any time. 

Then, the story shifted from humans against Titans, to Titans against humans. And finally, the theme of the story has changed again. 

This time, humans will face other humans and Titans will only be weapons.

In this final season, great chaos in the world became inevitable. 

So that all geeks can understand the overall outline of the conflict, here is a summary of everything that has happened during the Attack on Titan series so far. 

The initial premise of the series was simple and easy to understand. A group of "last" humans hiding behind a giant wall.

The wall was built to protect them from the terrible attacks of the Titans. 

Eren Yeager and all his comrades fight against the Titans, in order to protect all these people. 

However, in the end, they realized that they were not the last in this world. 

There were also other humans living outside those walls. 

And they want to destroy everyone inside the wall dead. 

Based on this, all the things and clues that exist for the final story of the series begin to collect, and the final moment (final act) begins.

Attack on Titan: Important Details Before Watching the Final Season!

There were three major factions that appeared in this final season. First is Marley. By using the power of Titan, the Marley nation became the main military power in the world and became the most powerful nation. 

However, even though their military is strong, unfortunately their technology is slightly outdated. 

Because of this, the Marleys are trying to take over the power of the Founding Titan on the island of Paradis.

With the strength of the Founding Titan, they hope that the Marley nation will become stronger and also be able to improve their technology again. 

Among the many Marley military that exist, there is a special unit whose contents are the Eldians. 

They seek to prove their loyalty to the Marleys, and seek to erase the sins of their predecessors.

Those who are members of the unit are Reiner Braun (Armored Titan), Gabi Braun, Falco Galliard, Colt Griece, Porco Galliard (Jaw Titan), and Pieck Finger (Cart Titan). 

Attack on Titan: Important Details Before Watching the Final Season!

The figure of Gabi Braun when he was first introduced in the story tried to kill all the inhabitants of Eldia on the island of Paradis. 

However, Gabi then discovers a surprising fact that changes her mindset after living with them.

Falco himself doesn't have any goals other than trying to fulfill his promise to Reiner, to protect Gabi. 

On the other hand, Reiner felt ashamed, for what he had done earlier. 

However, he still continues to survive so that Falco and his other comrades can live better. 

Annie Leonhart (Female Titan) is actually one of them too, but she is still trapped in a crystal that is heavily guarded by Eldia's troops in Paradis.

Then we are also introduced to the figure of the commander of the Eldia troops, Theo Magath. He might not be an Eldia, but Magath had some sympathy for them. 

The second faction that appears in the story is the Eldians on the island of Paradis. 

Actually, you could say they are the main “protagonists” in this series, since the series started.

Attack on Titan: Important Details Before Watching the Final Season!

Most of the military and also the people on the island of Paradis strongly oppose the Rumbling plan, which is the Rumbling moment when the whole world is flattened by the Wall Titans and all Titans in the world thanks to the power of the Founding Titan. 

They hope to find other peaceful ways to stop the conflict, which can make their lives even more miserable.

The third is the Yeagerist. As the name implies, this is a faction of those who support Eren Yeager's plan to destroy all humans outside the island of Paradis. 

According to Eren, there is no other way to stop the conflict other than violence. In addition, Eren also believes that the only way to defeat the Marleys is through strength.

Currently, Eren is teaming up with Zeke Yeager (Beast Titan) to use his royal blood to fully activate the Founding Titan's powers, including using the Wall Titan and all other Titans for Rumbling moments.

What Eren did himself was believed to be a moment to gain freedom for the residents of Paradis and his friends, Mikasa and Armin.

Attack on Titan: Important Details Before Watching the Final Season!

However, how Eren tried so hard to realize the Rumbling moment made him no longer the protagonist or hero in the series, but the main antagonist. 

The Yeagerists really support the efforts made by Eren, because they feel that the Eldia are always being oppressed and belittled by other nations. 

They have also lost confidence in the military, which is considered weak in facing the existing threats.

Yeagerist itself contains various parties ranging from former military Eldia, to the military Marley. 

Some of them include Floch Forster, Zeke Yeager, and Yelena. With all that was shown in episode 75, “Above and Below”, the final battle will begin where it all began – namely Shiganshina. 

It will be a battle of three factions – Yeagerist, Marley, and Eldia.

It's also worth noting that eight of the nine Titans are in one place at the moment. 

The fate of the entire world will depend on the outcome of the battle. Will the Eldians finally be free? 

Or is it destroyed? 

What will happen to humans? 

Everything will be answered on January 9, 2022.

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