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Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series there are lots of potential characters who can become the next great Jinchuriki. 

Becoming a Jinchuriki is a blessing for their owners, because they have a tailed beast figure in their body that is ready to give them chakra. This means that the Jinchuriki will turn into a very strong figure.

Even so, it is not uncommon for this to become a curse because it means that they will become the target of many people and their bodies also become containers for tailed beasts. 

A Jinchuriki must be able to have good chakra or the ability to control chakra to be able to withstand the seal in his body. 

In the Boruto series, there are several characters who are considered to be good Jinchuriki.

1. Konohamaru Sarutobi

Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

Konohamaru is the grandson of the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. 

Konohamaru is a student of Naruto who is very intelligent, and inherited extraordinary talent from his grandfather. 

One thing that is lacking from the figure of Konohamaru is the amount of chakra that is not as big or as much as the Uzumaki clan. 

Konohamaru is from the Sarutobi clan, so it's only natural that the amount of chakra is not too large.

But, beyond all that, Konohamaru is considered to be the perfect person to become the new Jinchuriki. 

In fact, Konohamaru has almost the same skills as Kakashi, as well as the courage of Naruto. 

By having no less strong determination, Konohamaru deserves to be the next vessel for the Tailed Beasts.

2. Karin Uzumaki

Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

Due to being a member of the Uzumaki clan, it is very natural that Karin Uzumaki is included in this list. 

In some ways, Karin does resemble Kushina, Naruto's mother. Karin not only has great chakra, but also has an impressive personality. 

Karin would probably become a Jinchuriki just like Kushina, and be able to contain the Tailed Beasts within her body. 

The figure of Uzumaki Naruto or Kushina can be an illustration of what Karin will look like if she really becomes a Jinchuriki. 

It's certainly interesting to see another Uzumaki figure becoming a Jinchuriki after Naruto lost Kurama.

3. Sarada Uchiha

Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

Sarada is indeed more like her uncle, Itachi, in terms of her skills as a shinobi. 

Although Sarada is very reckless, she is also a tenacious person like Sakura. 

Sarada herself is very suitable to be a Jinchuriki. 

As the owner of the Doujutsu Sharingan, Sarada does have the ability to control the Tailed Beasts with genjutsu techniques, if it really needs to be done.

Sarada can also control the chakra in her body very well, just like Sakura. 

Based on this, Sarada will be able to issue a powerful seal jutsu and last for a very long time. 

That's why Sarada is suitable to be a Jinchuriki.

4. Uzumaki Himawari

Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

Although not yet a shinobi, Himawari has all the qualifications to become a Jinchuriki candidate. 

Surely Himawari could forge a good relationship with the Tailed Beast within her, if then she did become a Jinchuriki. 

Despite his young age, Himawari is extraordinary. 

One example of his prowess is Himawari has been able to awaken the Byakugan since the age of three.

Of course Himawari has the potential and extraordinary natural talent to become a shinobi and Jinchuriki. 

Himawari also inherited Naruto's sense of optimism and unyielding determination. 

Moreover, Himawari is a combination of descendants from the Uzumaki clan and the Hyuga clan. 

It's certainly interesting to see Himawari become a Jinchuriki figure for one of the Tailed Beasts.

5. Shikadai Nara

Boruto: 5 New Jinchuriki Candidates!

Nara Shikadai is the son of Nara Shikamaru and Temari. 

He is a member of Team 10 with Moegi and also the newest generation of Ino-Shika-Cho. 

Just like his father, Shikadai is also an intelligent shinobi figure. He is able to make a strategy in a very fast time. 

He demonstrated this ability during the Chunin exams, where Shikadai was able to match Boruto's strength.

Many may wonder why Shikadai is on this list. 

However, being the nephew of Gaara means that Shikadai also inherited the Jinchuriki's abilities genetically. 

Personally, Shikadai's intelligence is similar to Minato's. 

With Kurama acknowledging Minato's intelligence, it meant that even the tailed beasts would be able to acknowledge Shikadai's strength and intelligence.

Becoming a container for tailed beasts is certainly not an easy thing to do. 

This is because life is at stake. 

That's why not everyone can meet the requirements to become a Jinchuriki. 

However, the characters mentioned above are considered to be attractive candidates to become Jinchuriki.

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