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5 Saddest Anime You Need to Watch: Prepare Tissue!

5 Saddest Anime You Need to Watch: Prepare Tissue! 
A show can be considered a success when the story they present is able to thrill the emotions of the audience. 
Whether it's emotions in the form of happiness or sadness.

Talking about that, there are not a few anime series with stories that can provoke the audience's emotional feelings, you know. 

The five saddest anime throughout 2021 which we will discuss below are proof.

Considered to have a sad story, a number of anime below are able to provoke tears from the audience. 

Want to know what anime are recommendations? Immediately see the review below, yes!

1. To Your Eternity 

Produced by Studio Brain's Base, To Your Eternity is one of the saddest drama genre anime this year. 

Each episode always presents a story that rips the emotions of the audience. 

Moreover, the embedded ambient sound also really fosters a melancholic vibe.

This anime tells the story of Fushi, an immortal being who travels to many places and meets many people in order to learn to become a being with feelings. 

Fushi's journey leads him to endless encounters and partings with new, precious people in his life.

2. Ranking of Kings

5 Saddest Anime You Need to Watch: Prepare Tissue!

Disability is one of the most interesting issues to be made into a story in an anime series. 

Well, Ranking of Kings, which is an anime by WIT Studio, apparently also raises the issue of disability.

This anime with a royal theme is able to make every audience confused in every episode, you know. 

The stories presented are also very touching and can open the hearts of many people to be more sensitive to the feelings of people with disabilities.

Ranking of Kings tells the story of a king's son named Bojji. 

He was born as a weak child and could not hear and speak. Being a deaf person, Bojji is often underestimated by his surroundings.

Even so, Bojji never gave up. 

He even goes on a journey to find his lost friend while learning many new things to make him a stronger human and worthy of being the king's successor.

3. Wonder Egg Priority 

Developed by CloverWorks studio, Wonder Egg Priority presents an in-depth story topic with an exciting and different perspective. 

This anime wants to share with the audience about the feelings of people who have had major trauma to depression and decided to commit suicide. 

The stories, music, and monologues that were presented succeeded in bringing sadness to the audience.

This anime tells the story of Ai Ohto who one day buried a dead firefly. 

Not long after, the fireflies came back to life and invited Ai to go somewhere.

There Ai was given instructions to take an egg from a gacha machine. After an incident, suddenly a woman came out of the egg. 

The firefly told Ai that the egg brought out the thing Ai really wanted, namely friends.

Ai has a mission to protect her friends who came out of the egg from Wonder Kill attacks or the major trauma experienced by everyone. 

He has the belief that if he can help many people and kill Wonder Kill, he can revive Koito, his best friend who committed suicide due to depression.

4. Fruit Basket: The Final

5 Saddest Anime You Need to Watch: Prepare Tissue!

The combination of soft music and monologue that is spoken like a piece of poetry, makes the story in Fruit Basket: The Final successfully reach the hearts of fans.
Even though it's not easy to understand, many viewers claim to be bored with the story presented by this TMS Entertainment anime, you know.

The series, which is the third season of the Fruit Bakset series, continues the story that was presented in the previous season. 

The love story of Tohru Honda and Kyo Soma, the main character, is increasingly shown this season and has succeeded in making fans nervous.

5. Viviy: Fluorite Eye's Song

Although it doesn't present a story as sad as some of the previously mentioned titles, Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song also features a number of scenes that have successfully made fans sad and moved. 

The name of this anime by WIT Studio is not widely known by fans. However, the story and visuals presented are very interesting.

This series tells the story of Vivi, an AI robot in human form. 

Vivi is programmed to become a singing robot whose aim is to entertain the crowd.

However, who would have thought, a program from the future made the existing AIs turn around and attack humans. 

Then, Vivy together with his partner named Matsumoto find out how to prevent the program.

although only two-dimensional animation, the story in the anime series is also able to present a story that makes the audience sad to tears. 

Of the five saddest anime recommended titles in 2021, which anime is the most successful in making you confused, right?

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