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Dragon Ball Super: What's Bardock's Secret to Beat the Gas?

Dragon Ball Super: What's Bardock's Secret to Beat the Gas?

The reappearance of Bardock's name in the Dragon Ball Super manga series makes fans of the Dragon Ball franchise nostalgic. 

Monaito, the last Namekian of the planet Cereal, met Bardock about 40 years ago. 

Monaito himself told Vegeta that Bardock had won the fight against Gas. 

This of course raises big questions.

The reason, as revealed by Vegeta, that Bardock is a Saiyan who comes from the lowest class. 

How then can Bardock win against one of the strongest members of the Heeters? 

The Dragon Ball Super series is still continuing the trend of changing the story (retcon) of Bardock's character since his character reappeared in the film Broly.

The story changes were later also applied in the Dragon Ball Super manga series, as told by Monaito. 

According to Monaito, Bardock was a Saiyan figure who saved his life as well as the lives of Granolah and his mother, Muezli. 

In order to protect them, Monaito reveals that Bardock must confront Gas, who is the strongest member of the Heeters.

What Monaito said took Vegeta by surprise. 

Vegeta knows the figure of Bardock, and according to Vegeta, Bardock is a Saiyan of the lower class. 

When Monaito was about to continue his explanation of how then Bardock could win against Gas, they were then surprised by the appearance of Toronbo, and also the appearance of Gas who is currently the most powerful figure in the Dragon Ball universe.

Then, what is the secret of Bardock's victory over Gas? 

The answer may lie in Bardock's previously demonstrated abilities. 

Bardock himself first appeared in the 1990s in the film Bardock: The Father of Goku. 

He is presented as the Saiyan figure we know: cruel, happy to fight, and terrible.

Later in the film Broly, Bardock is not shown as in the previous film. 

We are only shown how Bardock is when he is at home with his wife, Gine, and also his son, Kakarot. 

In the chapter “Bardock the Warrior” we will then see how Bardock is powerful and powerful, like a Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super: What's Bardock's Secret to Beat the Gas?

There is a possibility that Bardock is able to win against Gas because he has the power or ability that can make him superior to his enemies. 

In the film The Father of Goku, an enemy had cast a curse on Bardock where he could see into the future. 

Bardock is shown to be able to see the moment in which Frieza destroys the planet he lives on.

Based on this information, Bardock then takes action to save his son by sending Goku to Earth before the planet Vegeta is destroyed. 

Later in the film Broly, this is slightly changed where the curse of the enemy turns into intuition and also fear from Bardock.

Bardock can't see into the future where he sees Frieza destroying his planet. 

Bardock could only sense that something strange was about to happen, as Frieza wanted all the Saiyans to gather. 

In fact, Frieza could have contacted them by sending a message. 

Dragon Ball Super: What's Bardock's Secret to Beat the Gas?

And it turns out that Frieza plans to destroy all the Saiyans on planet Vegeta.

Based on this, it is possible that Dragon Ball Super will bring back this power by making changes to Bardock's power. 

The ability to be able to read / know what will happen in the future, is used by Bardock to fight Gas. 

Bardock might not be very strong, but he could tell the direction the Gas was moving.

With this ability, whoever the opponent will have difficulty when facing Bardock. 

Because, Bardock already knew what his enemy's next move would be. 

That way, Bardock could strategize how he could then defeat Gas. 

So, even though Gas is the strongest figure in Heeter Force, he won't be able to win against Bardock because Bardock can already read his moves.

This may also be the reason why Gas later said that he was much more prepared, if he then had to face Bardock. 

However, it is also possible that the series will bring new powers or abilities from Bardock.

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