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5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

An iconic series like One Piece certainly won't last long if it doesn't present a variety of funny jokes in its story. 

One Piece may be known as a series that brings a lot of inspiration, action, and various epic secrets. 

However, Oda Sensei also often presents various funny jokes which is one of the interesting elements in the story.

Often in various moments in the story we find comedy or jokes that can provoke laughter. 

Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp are probably some of the characters who often present various interesting jokes. 

And here are some of the funniest jokes that have appeared in the One Piece series.

1. Luffy Never Remembers People's Names

5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

Monkey D. Luffy is one of the most powerful characters with all the powers and abilities he has. 

However, there is one thing that makes Luffy a strange character. Luffy has a bad habit where he can't remember other people's names. 

You could say there are only a few people whose names are remembered by Luffy.

Luffy often calls someone's name as he likes. For example, Luffy calls Boa Hancock as 'Boa Hammock'. 

Or calls Marco as 'pineapple head'.

Often this call or mention of someone's name becomes a joke that makes fans laugh. 

And according to Oda Sensei, Luffy won't remember their names unless they join his crew or have a close relationship with Luffy.

2. Picture of Sanji on the Wanted Up Poster

5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

Until now, wanted posters from Sanji have always been a nightmare for his characters. 

Most recently, the navy mentioned Sanji's full name, namely Vinsmoke Sanji. 

In fact, Sanji really hates the name "Vinsmoke" in front of his name. 

However, what made Sanji annoyed and angry with his hunted poster was when the image didn't match his face.

After the incident at Enies Lobby, the navy changed the bounty of the Straw Hat crew. 

When all of the crew got an interesting photo, only Sanji had the picture taken. 

This is because the photographer forgot to open the lens cap. 

The image of Sanji on the wanted poster can be said to be very funny because it is far from his real face. 

Even the chefs at the Baratie restaurant laughed out loud when they saw the poster. 

What is also interesting is that almost all poster images of Sanji always present a funny expression.

3. Nico Robin's Dark Humor

5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

At first glance, Nico Robin's figure is indeed different from other characters in the Straw Hat group. 

He has a sharp gaze and often has a mysterious demeanor. 

This is natural, because when introduced for the first time Robin is shown as an elite assassin and also the most wanted figure by the World Government.

However, all of these attitudes then changed drastically when Robin joined the Straw Hat crew. 

Robin showed a motherly attitude. What then became the attention of Robin's attitude was how his mindset was very extreme. 

Robin has a very dark imagination, when something happens. 

An example is when Luffy fell into the sea, Robin imagined that Luffy had been eaten by a sea monster and his blood would flood the ocean.

4. Brook's Bones Joke

5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

Brook is one of the characters who has a touching past story. 

Long before Luffy started his career as a pirate, Brook was part of the Rumbar pirate group. 

Unfortunately, one by one his colleagues died of a mysterious disease. 

Brook himself was actually dead, but because he ate the Yomi Yomi devil fruit he managed to come back alive even though it was only the bones.

After being rescued by Luffy and joining the Straw Hat crew, Brook turned into a much more cheerful person. 

Brook often cracks funny jokes about bones, in almost every situation. 

An example would be “That's really awesome! I didn't expect it to happen in front of my eyes, even though I don't have eyes!” This joke often makes fans laugh. 

And the joke about women's panties is also one of Brook's hilarious jokes.

5. Zoro has difficulty remembering the direction of the road

5 Funny Incidents in One Piece that Make You Laugh

It seems that for this one joke, all One Piece fans – even those who are not One Piece fans – understand very well. 

How Zoro never memorized in terms of directions, always managed to make the fans laugh. 

Zoro is known as a tough and unyielding figure. 

The attitude of a warrior is always shown by Zoro in various situations.

However, behind all Zoro's toughness he keeps something that is considered ridiculous by the fans.

He never remembers or does not have the ability to read directions. 

The result is Zoro is always lost no matter where he is. 

What's extraordinary is the silliness of Zoro who often gets lost, even many fans outside of One Piece make memes, where Zoro is shown getting lost in other series.

Apart from all the serious and inspiring things that make the One Piece series popular with people, the comedy element presented by Oda Sensei managed to make many fans laugh out loud. 

In fact, silliness and funny jokes are also what later became the hallmark of One Piece. 

Unfortunately, Oda Sensei has started to rarely present funny jokes in his stories. 

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