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10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

One of the problems often experienced by Android-based smartphone users is slow performance after several months of use. 

Because of that, many questions often arise, how to make Android smartphones work faster?

It's really annoying, when you buy a high-end smartphone and expect to get good performance and features, but still you don't get the smooth and fast performance you want. 

Especially if you have a middle-class or even entry-level smartphone. 

You can imagine how it performs after a long time of use.

Well, here are some ways that can make your Android smartphone work faster, more efficiently and can reduce lag and freeze.

1. Reboot (restart)

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Sometimes, all your smartphone needs is a simple restart. 

However, like a computer, restarting your smartphone can help reduce lag. 

Because, when you reboot the device, it will delete all the temporary files that are open on the device and clean the RAM.

2. Update software

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Every newer version of Android contains bug fixes and includes many performance improvements. 

So, it is very important to always update the device software so that it can work better. 

The method is also quite easy. 

Go to Settings>About Device>Software Update. 

Check if there is an update to update your device. 

The same thing needs to be done on the Playstore application and make sure all your applications are up to date.

3. Uninstall and disable apps you don't need

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Each application on the device uses a certain amount of memory. 

Because memory space is limited, it is recommended to only store apps you need. 

Now apps that you never use and are still on your device will consume memory and potentially eat up system resources.

Now to see a list of apps on your device, go to Settings > Apps and swipe to the All tab. 

Here, all applications will be listed. Find and identify the apps you don't need. 

Next, tap on the app and select Uninstall. 

If the uninstall option is not there, tap Disable.

4. Clean home screen

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Putting a live wallpaper on your home screen along with a widget may look good, but it actually puts extra weight on your device and affects the performance of your device. 

It is better to replace the live wallpaper with a static image and remove all unused icons and widgets. 

The fewer apps you have on your home screen, the better your device's performance will be.

5. Clear cached app data

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Cache data for apps helps load faster the apps you want to open. 

However, there are also some apps that you don't use regularly. 

Well, you should clear cache data for applications that are rarely used. 

You can free up a lot of space by deleting old data. 

Also, doing this improves device performance, and apps can save the latest version of old cached data.

6. Free up internal memory

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster
Oppo Indonesia

Currently, you can store all your data in the cloud. 

In this way, you can access it through all the devices you use such as laptops or tablets. 

In addition, storing data in the cloud will help free up internal memory and can help improve the performance of your smartphone.

But it will be different if you use a smartphone like the Oppo A95 which has a RAM configuration of 8GB + 128GB ROM. 

Because this device is equipped with RAM Expansion technology. 

So you can convert ROM storage into virtual RAM. 

Through this technology, the Oppo A95 is able to provide the option of expanding 8GB of RAM to a total of 13GB, by converting some of the available ROM to virtual RAM so that the phone continues to operate rapidly.

In addition, this device also includes a System Booster to optimize the system so that the phone can run smoothly. 

Even with multiple applications running at the same time, the Oppo A95 is able to ensure seamless and consistent performance for longer than before. 

Guaranteed it won't lag.

7. Try using the lite version of the application

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Currently, many popular applications, such as Facebook or Twitter, offer a lite version. 

Using the lite version of the app can improve device performance and also reduce data usage. 

The lite version of the application is the best choice if you have an entry-level smartphone with limited memory.

8. Install apps from known sources

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Always try to only install apps from known and trusted sources like the Google Play Store. 

You can also enable this in the settings for the future.

9. Turn off or reduce animations

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster 

One other way to make your Android device faster is to reduce animations. 

However, to do this, you have to enable Developer Options on your smartphone device. 

To do this, go to Settings>About Phone and tap the build number seven times. 

This will enable developer options on your device.

You can disable or reduce animations.

You can also adjust the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. 

Doing so reduces the time spent rendering visual effects on the screen.

10. Reset your device

10 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

Well if you feel that all the steps above are not much help, you should choose the option to do a factory reset on the smartphone. 

You can reset your Android device in 2 ways.

First with a soft reset on the device. 

This option will delete all data, including photos, videos, apps, and cache. 

Now if you want to clean your smartphone more deeply, you can choose the hard reset option.

You can use this method and it should boot into recovery mode and hard reset the device. 

After turning off the device, press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to enter recovery mode. 

This method is not for all smartphones, but it works in most cases. 

However, always remember to back up all your data before resetting the device.

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