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What is Jougan Boruto's Real Function?

What is Jougan Boruto's Real Function?

Momoshiki is one of the Otsutsuki who was sent to earth, when Kaguya was deemed to have failed to complete his mission. 

Unfortunately, just like Kaguya, their fate is not much different, that is, they lost to the shinobi.

However, what's interesting is that one of them, Momoshiki, is now inside Boruto's body.

Momoshiki deliberately "chose" Boruto because he felt Boruto was an interesting character, especially with his Jogan doujutsu. 

Before Momoshiki completely disappeared, he had said that those eyes would bring misery and destruction to him and everyone else. Until now, it is still unknown what Momoshiki meant.

So far, Jougan is very rare to be shown in the story. 

What is Jougan Boruto's Real Function?

Jougan only appears when Boruto is in a state of urgency or in a dangerous condition, for example when fighting against Momoshiki or Urashiki. 

Boruto himself hasn't been able to fully control it. 

That's why Jougan's true strength is still very mysterious, and is a question of fans.

The Jougan Power is also one of the original Doujutsu of the Otsutsuki clan. 

Toneri Otsutsuki is known to have this power. It is still not known exactly how Boruto got Jougan.

However, many have speculated that this was due to Toneri when he kidnapped Hinata, as shown in The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Then, what exactly is the function of Jougan? 

We still don't know the exact function itself, because Masashi Kishimoto himself still hasn't provided a detailed explanation of this. 

However, there is a possibility that just like doujutsu in general, this will be a source of Boruto's strength besides the Karma seal that is within him.

We can see this in the fight between Kawaki and Boruto in the first episode of the series, where Boruto successfully activates his Karma and Jougan. 

This succeeded in making Boruto superior against Kawaki. So, it is very likely that Jougan is a “complement” to Boruto's power. 

He becomes a "complement" to the power of Karma in Boruto's body.

What is Jougan Boruto's Real Function?

Even so, Toneri himself once stated that Boruto has a big responsibility with that eye. 

Toneri says that the future of the world can turn out to be beautiful with Boruto and Jougan's power. That is, Boruto is indeed destined to be the guardian of world peace with the Jougan.

Toneri hopes that with Jougan, Boruto can bring big changes to the world. Currently, Boruto's life journey is still very long, with his young age. 

We still have to wait for how the next development of Boruto's strength will be. 

Will he be much stronger than what the flash forward scene shows? Let's just wait for the rest of the story, geeks. (Featured Image:

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