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Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz Expression Puzzle

The newest chapter of the Attack on Titan manga series brings us closer to the ending story of the series. In this latest chapter, fans are shown many emotional moments. 

The story itself opens with a continuation from the previous chapter where the Rumbling moment stopped. 

It was shown that all those who were still alive cheered on this.

However, they were then surprised to find out that there was a poison gas that turned everyone into Pure Titan. 

In the end, only a few people from the alliance army were able to survive this. 

They are the Ackerman family and the Titan Shifter. 

With what they had left, they tried to stop Rumbling's attack again and stop Eren.

In that moment Mikasa finally got the courage and made up her mind to stop it all. 

In the end, Mikasa managed to muster up the courage to kill the figure she loved, Eren Yeager. 

Mikasa finds a way to kill Eren, namely by killing the "real person" in the mouth.

Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz Expression Puzzle

After successfully entering, Mikasa immediately slashed Eren's head. 

Mikasa then kissed the head of Eren - who was probably still half conscious. 

There is an interesting moment in this incident, where Ymir Fritz is seen appearing behind Mikasa. 

And what makes it even more interesting is that we see an expression from Ymir Fritz that is different from what we have seen so far.

If geeks pay attention, since the beginning Ymir Fritz was introduced or appeared in the story he never showed a smiling expression. 

Ymir Fritz has only shown three expressions so far: gloomy, angry, and flat / expressionless. 

All of that happened because of the life experiences he had been having. 

For example, he was always tortured and made a scapegoat. 

He was also stuck in the Path world for thousands of years.

Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz Expression Puzzle

The figure of Ymir Fritz is indeed a big mystery in the Attack on Titan series. 

Hajime Isayama sometimes presents Ymir as an oppressed figure. 

However, it is not uncommon for him to be shown as an evil figure because he is considered the beginning of all existing Titan disasters. Many also regard Ymir Fritz as an "anti-hero."

In chapter 138, we saw Ymir Fritz smiling even though his smile was not that big. 

Ymir looked different with a relieved and happy facial expression. 

This then becomes the big question, is Ymir Fritz happy to see Eren Yeager's death? 

Is Ymir Fritz happy to see Mikasa finally "express" her affection for Eren? Or is there another reason?

In hindsight, Ymir Fritz and Eren have a lot in common. In fact, only Eren was able to understand all the suffering that Ymir Fritz had endured for thousands of years. 

This was revealed by Zeke Yeager to Armin himself. 

According to Zeke, it was Eren who was able to "relieve" Ymir Fritz's suffering so far. 

That's why he entrusted his strength to Eren.

If that is the case, does it mean that Ymir Fritz is happy that Eren is dead? 

Can be. Ymir Fritz is happy that Eren is dead, because it means that all the "burdens" he has been carrying are gone. 

And the most important thing is that in the end the person who cares for Eren, Mikasa, is finally able to show his affection by kissing Eren's figure.

Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz Expression Puzzle

Ymir Fritz realized that the burden that Eren had to bear was enormous with this Rumbling moment. 

He must be "cursed" with a passionate desire for freedom. With Eren's death, he will no longer feel that way. 

And that's why Ymir Fritz smiles knowing that Eren has no burden.

However, what if that smile was his evil smile for being able to kill Eren? 

Indeed, there is no specific or specific reason why Ymir Fritz should hate Eren. 

As previously mentioned, it was Eren who was able to understand all of his sufferings and managed to free him from the Path world. 

However, we never know that Ymir might have malicious intentions, one of which is towards Eren.

Hopefully in the next chapter we can get an answer to this question.

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