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Attack on Titan: Zeke and Yelena's Evil Plans Revealed!

Attack on Titan: Zeke and Yelena's Evil Plans Revealed!

It looks like Zeke and Yelena won't stop until their wish comes true. 

At least that's what might be described from the latest episode of the anime series Attack on Titan last season. 

Eren, Zeke, and Yelena have been under the close surveillance of the Paradis island military ever since they returned from the assault on Liberio. Eren and Zeke even had to be separated from each other.

The military themselves are still struggling with themselves, to decide whether carrying out Zeke's grand plan to test Rumbling is the right decision. 

The doubts arose after the Paradis military lost their trust in the two Yeager brothers. 

Meanwhile, Yelena, the coordinator of anti-Marley volunteers was also "detained" on the island.

Yelena is under the same scrutiny as Zeke and Eren, being seen as a suspicious figure. 

Dot Pyxis herself could not provide a definite explanation for what made Yelena and the other volunteers to be wary of or suspected. 

And in episode 13 yesterday, it seems like Dot Pyxis' concern for Yelena is justified.

Yelena actually has connections with the Yeagerists who were responsible for Dhalis Zachary's death, and in this episode Hange and the other Scouts are being held hostage at Nicolo's restaurant. 

In episode 12, Hange has started to wonder why Yelena is so adamant about placing these volunteers in certain places - for example, a restaurant.

And in this latest episode, an angry Nicolo tries to hit Gabi with a bottle of wine that was originally reserved for the Paradis high-ranking officers. 

Attack on Titan: Zeke and Yelena's Evil Plans Revealed!

However, Falco then quickly protected Gabi. Nicolo then asked Hange to wash Falco's mouth, which made Hange wonder what was actually in the wine - or what it contained.

Hange was surprised to see that the wine that was about to be served to military officer Paradis - who accidentally hit Falco - was actually mixed with Titan's spinal fluid. 

Hange then asked why those who drank it did not suffer from paralysis. 

Floch, who is the leader of the Yeagerists, said that it was easy logic that made Yelena and Zeke succeed in covering up their initial goal.

The Eldians with Titan spinal fluid that came from Zeke were basically sleeper agents, which was only a matter of time before Zeke turned them into Titans through the world of Paths which connected all Ymir's subjects. 

Zeke himself is shown to have frequently used this infiltration tactic.

Zeke had done this in the village of Ragako, which, according to Zeke, was a pilot project. 

Attack on Titan: Zeke and Yelena's Evil Plans Revealed!

Zeke always tries to make people in a region to fight against their friends, friends, or their own nation.

With Zeke and Yelena choosing their victims carefully from the island this gives a clue that Zeke and Yelena want to "clear a path" for Eren.

Does that mean Zeke and Yelena are deliberately trying to destroy Paradis from within? 

Seeing the figure of Zeke who is indeed an accomplished manipulator, it feels appropriate for Yelena to become one of his accomplices. 

This also raises another question, who exactly is Zeke's side? Is it Marley? Paradis and the Eldians? Eren? Or himself? 

We look forward to it, Geeks, how the story goes in the next episode. (Featured image:

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