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One Punch Man: How Strong is the Child from Blast?

One Punch Man: How Strong is the Child from Blast?

After officially being formed, finally the new hero organization in the webcomic version of One-Punch Man makes its debut in chapter 126. 

Neo Hero is a hero organization that is deliberately formed to compete with the hero organization, which is no longer competent to carry out its duties. 

These Neo Hero members are young heroes, although there are also heroes who come from hero organizations.

In chapter 126 it was shown that one of the heroes from class A, the Great Philosopher, was unable to face a group of monsters at the Tiger level, Sewer Crocodile, and his troops. 

When it happened, Neo Hero, with the help of Dr. Bofoi, who can destroy these monsters easily. 

In fact, they also managed to defeat several other monsters that the hero association couldn't beat.

One Punch Man: How Strong is the Child from Blast?

However, when they faced Demon level monsters, the Neo Heroes didn't have much. 

The armor they were using also seemed unable to withstand the monster's attack. 

Until finally in chapter 128 we saw how Blue, the son of Blast, took action against the Shell King.

One Punch Man: How Strong is the Child from Blast?

Unlike the other Neo Heroes, the Blue color doesn't use any armor or armor. 

He only relied on the abilities he did have. 

Even though he had a hard time at the beginning, because his Demon level was above the Tiger level, Blue managed to beat him with the Fist Cannon attack.

Not only that, Blue destroyed dozens of Wolf level monsters, Shellfolk easily and without the slightest injury. 

This is very extraordinary and we still don't know where the Blue power came from. 

Is it true that this power has been in Blue since birth, or did Blue learn it from someone, or Blast who taught him that ability. We look forward to the continuation of the story, geeks! (Featured Image:

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