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Overthinking: Causes and Ways to Overcome It

Overthinking: Causes and Ways to Overcome It

Overthinking is a mental illness or mental disorder experienced by most Indonesians today, especially adults. Psychological disorders that attack psychologically or mentally are usually characterized by excessive anxiety, causing him to think which causes fear that exceeds normal limits.

This psychological problem will become a ticking time bomb for people with overthinking disorder. Because "sufferers" lack clarity in thinking and are not calm in overcoming their anxiety.

Cause of overthinking.

There are several reasons why a person can experience overthinking, including concern about social relationships. The existence of social problems usually causes this individual to become an overthinking person. His fear of social existence demanded that he be anxious and prone to worry about his weaknesses.

Another reason a person can be said to have overthinking disorder is anxiety about the future reality that will be faced, or it is called a "Quarter Life Crisis".

There are very many youths in their productive age who are worried about the future prospects they will live in. Not only about a match, but also about work or other things. The thing that most dominates overthinking sufferers is what if the event that they fear actually happens, even though they have not started at all.

How to deal with overthinking.

1. Do something.

The earliest way to deal with overthinking is to start small. Do positive activities that are productive and can make you an active person so that your mind will open up by doing this activity.

2. Change habits.

Something bad must have started out of bad habits too. So to change your bad habits, of course, you have to fight them with positive habits. Do positive things that can fight your bad habit of overthinking slowly so that your subconscious is moved to not always worry.

3. Understand yourself.

You also have to understand that you are far from perfect. The demand to be perfect can stress you out from pursuing the impossible. In social matters, choose a circle of friends who are healthy, open to each other, and can accept you. Be grateful for what you get, appreciate yourself by always thinking positively because you are the most perfect thing created by God.

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