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One Piece Theory: What is the New Race of King?

One Piece Theory: What is the New Race of King?

King the Wildfire is one of the three All-Stars in the Beasts pirate group. That is, King is one of Kaido's right hand.

Among the King, Queen, and Jack, King is the strongest. However, there is something unique about this King figure.

If Jack and Queen have known their origins - he is a human race who then ate Zoan devil fruit - it's different with King.

King is part of one of the races in the One Piece story that is still unknown, aka still mysterious. Big Mom himself had suspected that the King's race was extinct.

But, after learning that King is likely to be the only one alive, Big Mom says that she really wants King to join her.

Big Mom really wants a rare race like King to exist in Totto Land, because this uniqueness is second to none.

However, King firmly refused Big Mom's request.

Then, what and who is the figure of King?

Where does it come from?

One Piece Theory: What is the New Race of King?

And what race is the King in? that's the question Oda Sensei might answer in the future. However, the fans themselves tried to theorize who King really was.

As we know that Tenguyama Hitetsu is a Daitengu, a Japanese mythological creature that combines humans and birds. This can be seen by its white wings and good character.

If so, then there is a possibility that it makes sense that King is a Kotengu when seen from the black wings he has and the bad shape of a crow, and usually a Kotengu is evil.

According to another developing myth, Kotengu is said to be happy to torture humans and make humans suffer.

One Piece Theory: What is the New Race of King?

King himself is described as a character who really likes to torture other people.

The appearance of Daitengu and Kotengu fits the Wani theme, thanks to the appearance of the yokai or other Japanese mutological creatures that Big Mom resurrected.

With the assumption that the King race is a rare race, which Big Mom really wants, it could be that his people are one of the strongest among the other races.

We also don't know how King and Kaido met and how he recruited them.

It is likely that King joined Kaido before he arrived at Wano.

Let's just look forward to it geeks, hopefully Eiichiro Oda will provide more complete information about the figure of this King.

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