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One Piece: What Makes Kaido Stronger Than Shanks?

One Piece: What Makes Kaido Stronger Than Shanks?

Who doesn't know Shans, the redhead.

Shanks came to the Fusha region decades ago and met Luffy, who later developed an emotional closeness, Shanks thought Luffy was his stake for the future.

What about strength problems? it is known that Shanks' Haki power is very powerful.

However, apart from Haki's ability, it is still unknown what Shanks' strengths and abilities are.

Shanks himself is a Yonko, along with Big Mom, Kaido, and Blackbeard. If Shanks is Luffy's ally, then Kaido is Luffy's enemy.

As one of the “seniors” of Shanks, there are several things that make Kaido superior to Shanks. Anything?

Much More Popular

Admittedly, Shanks is no less popular than Kaido.

Almost everyone knows redhead Shanks, and everyone respects him.

However, long before people got to know Shanks, they already knew the figure of Kaido.

According to Sengoku's account, Kaido is part of the legendary pirate group Rocks, along with Whitebeard, Big Mom and many others.

Before being known by the whole world, Kaido was already on the wanted list of the most wanted naval pirates besides Roger and also one of the great pirates.

The God Valley incident could have something to do with it. This means that Kaido has been known for his abilities and strength for a long time.

Shanks Is Just Human

Maybe geeks are aware too, and this is obvious.

Kaido was born a monster, even someone like Big Mom never thought of Kaido as a human.

The monster figure in Kaido does provide him with many advantages, especially in terms of endurance, physical endurance, and also strength.

The proof, Kaido had fought Kozuki Oden for days, and showed no signs of fatigue.

Another proof is how strong his body is against almost any attack.

Even his attempts to commit suicide fail, because of his endurance.

Another case with Shanks.

He has neither physical endurance nor endurance.

Shanks lost his left arm to a sea monster.

And Shanks might die if he jumped from a height.

Has the Strongest Devil Fruit

As we know, Zoan type devil fruit has advantages in terms of power, strength, and endurance.

Moreover, if someone has changed to a certain animal or creature form. In a one-on-one match, this devil fruit user has the advantage.

Kaido himself is the strongest Zoan type devil fruit in the world.

Shanks, on the other hand, is known to have no devil fruit other than Haki.

Does he actually have the devil fruit ability that he is hiding, we still have to wait for the story.

With no evidence that Shanks has devil fruit powers, it can be assumed that Shanks does not have devil fruit abilities.

Become the Lord of Wano

Kaido has been a Yonko alias ruler of the seas for more than 20 years.

And since then he has continued to recruit as many crews as possible.

So, when Shanks and Buggy were very young or very young, Kaido was already the ruler of the seas and Wano with his crew and allies at his side.

He controlled Wano and controlled the inhabitants, scaring them and the most important thing was making them one of the eaters of artificial devil fruit, SMILE.

Has an Army of Monsters

Kaido doesn't just have pirates as strong allies beside him. He also has other allies such as samurai and of course monsters.

It is interesting to note that Kaido has an army of 500 SMILE users in the past.

Even though long before SMILE was found Kaido had to fight hard, thanks to SMILE finally Kaido's territory and his army strength grew.

With a strength of more than 30,000 troops, this figure is certainly enough to cause losses / problems for Shanks.

So far, Shanks only has about 20 members, which have the same strength as Shanks.

Shanks also has no allies or troops other than his own crew. In terms of numbers, Kaido has the advantage over Shanks.

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