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For this reason, the Cheetah's Form is Still a Secret!

For this reason, the Cheetah's Form is Still a Secret!

For those of you who are looking forward to Wonder Woman 2, maybe you will be wondering why Cheetah, who is the villain in the film, hasn't been shown yet.

Though they have released several trailers and official posters for the film, and the film will also be out in theaters in the near future.

Well recently the actress Kristen Wiig who plays Cheetah revealed that she was not allowed to take photos in a Cheetah costume while filming her film.

“No, we are not allowed to take any pictures. They are hiding it somewhere, but you will quickly see it. There are different evolutions in the characters I play.

I will leave the mystery with you. " Said Wiig.

Wiig's comments about banning the filming of the Cheetah character are not too surprising, given the secrecy required for superhero films.

Usually, superhero costumes will be introduced at the right time, such as during big events like Comic Con or others.

In the case of Wonder Woman 1984, maybe the studio really kept the Cheetah a secret until we actually saw it in the film.

For this reason, the Cheetah's Form is Still a Secret!

Wiig also mentioned that there was an evolution from the Cheetah, which may have a different character from the comic version.

That's why they still keep their form a secret.

Cheetah himself is reportedly going to be the second villain in this film, while the main villain is Maxwell Lord himself.

But even so, it is possible that Maxwell will use Cheetah to fight Diana.

Of course people are increasingly curious about the character of this Cheetah, especially since the last trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, which was released some time ago, did not reveal Cheetah's evil plans.

The trailer instead focuses more on the figure of Diana who is trying to guide Trevor so that he can adjust to life in the 80s. So, there are only a few plot stories that we can explore from the trailer.

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