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Kiya, the Betrayed Power Ranger!

Kiya, the Betrayed Power Ranger!

The Power Rangers franchise is filled with a variety of very memorable villains, in addition to the Rangers involved in the story.

Even so, not many villain characters get deep stories like Kiya.

Kiya the Omega Ranger is one of the new characters in the Power Rangers franchise.

Kiya first appeared as one of Omega Rangers and was a friend to several other Rangers.

But, the trauma of the past finally made Kiya choose the wrong path where she is now a traitor to the Ranger, much like Tommy Oliver's story.

Here are various things that need to be known from Kiya.

Who is Kiya?

Kiya was originally an alien teenage girl who had to experience many pathetic lives in her life.

Kiya lives with his family on the planet Khoojdah.

But, with the universe restructuring due to the "Shattered Universe" event, Kiya and hundreds of other characters throughout the galaxy now have a super power, which is connected to the Morphin Grid.

Electrical energy coming out of his body proved to be very dangerous, where Kiya made everything around him turn to ashes - including his family.

Kiya, the Betrayed Power Ranger!

Considered a monster, Kiya then left his place because he was always being hunted.

Until finally she later became part of the Omega Rangers formed by a mysterious figure, Blue Emissary.

It didn't take long for Kiya to be friends with the Omega Rangers, especially Trini.

But, after Kiya helped to save Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and helped free Zed, she was so scared when he saw Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger.

Because he has the same memories as Jason, Kiya then remembers the figure of Lord Drakkon - an alternative figure from Tommy who almost destroyed the entire universe.

Kiya then attacks Tommy but is arrested by fellow Omega Rangers while also explaining that they need Tommy to stay alive and Tommy has a chance to change for the better.

Instead of calming, the explanation made Kiya angry and finally attacked Tommy himself.

After successfully killing Blue Emissary, Kiya then frees Garrison Vox and Cavorus - creatures who have the same abilities as Kiya - and aims to build an organization that is a rival for the Power Rangers.

This group was later named Anointed, and slowly but surely they began to build their own troops by recruiting various people who had superhuman strength.

Kiya, the Betrayed Power Ranger!

The goal of Anointed is just one, to destroy Power Rangers forever.

The Power Rangers who were assisted by Solar Rangers finally defeated Anointed, and destroyed their power.

In the last moment, we must face his own best friend, Trini.

However, Kiya must recognize Trini's superiority and must be locked up in the same prison as Garrison Vox.

The Blue Ranger

After gaining superhuman strength, Kiya then joined the Omega Rangers team.

And in that team, Kiya became Omega Ranger Blue which has a water element.

Because of this, the mainstay weapon used by Kiya when facing his enemy is a three-edged spear alias trident, called Omega Trident.

And just like other Rangers, Kiya also has a robot or Zords named Blue Omega Zord.

The Most Complex Ranger Enemies

Most villains in the Power Rangers franchise are monsters that try to take over galaxies, including planet Earth.

However, in the Power Rangers comics BOOM! Studios add a variety of other elements that make the villain's story deeper (for example, Rita Repulsa).

But, Kiya is different.

She is an extraordinary figure as a villain.

At the beginning of the series, Kiya is shown as an ally to the Rangers, victims of circumstances that force him to later live life as one of the Ranger.

But, slowly we understand how dangerous the Rangers are when they unleash their greatest potential.

An example is Lord Drakkon, who almost destroyed the entire Power Rangers universe.

Kiya, the Betrayed Power Ranger!

Kiya sees herself and Anointed as 'opponents' of the Rangers.

Anointed realizes that the Rangers are a group that is willing to do anything for their goals and that it endangers the entire galaxy.

However, compared to having a desire to rule the world, Kiya actually added irony by doing evil things which she considered an act of heroism.

Currently, Kiya is still in custody, and we can be sure Kiya has plans to take revenge for what the Rangers did to him.

This certainly makes Kiya's character become a more complex and more interesting figure.

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