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Guessing Garp's Future in One Piece Story!

Guessing Garp's Future in One Piece Story!

Monkey D. Garp, a man who has the nickname of a naval hero and is also the father and grandfather of Monkey D. Dragon and Monkey D. Luffy.

Garp is one of the legendary characters in the One Piece story, besides Roger, Shiki, and several other characters.

Although not much information about Garp's past has been revealed, he is still one of the fans' favorite characters.

Garp vs Rocks

Garp's battle with Rocks D. Xebec and his crew, is known to be Garp's longest battle since it took place about decades ago.

At that time, Garp was still the deputy admiral. With help from Roger, Garp manages to beat the incredible Rocks.

The fight against Rocks is not an ordinary fight, and Rocks is also not an ordinary pirate.

As revealed by Sengoku, Rocks was a legendary pirate before Roger who was known to be very cruel.

He is also the captain of several popular characters such as Big Mom, Whitebeard, Golden Shiki, Kaido, and many others.

The war against the Rocks took place in an area called God Valley.

And thanks to this this battle came to be called the God Valley event.

The victory against the Rocks also earned Garp the nickname as a naval hero.

Thanks to this service, the navy wanted to make him an admiral.

However, Garp refused the offer. He didn't want to be under the control of the celestial dragons.

Position in the Navy
Guessing Garp's Future in One Piece Story!

With his immense strength, many say that Garp can defeat an admiral.

And as mentioned above, even though he got a promotion to become admiral, he turned down the offer.

Then, can Garp be able to catch the Straw Hats?

Based on what happened at the end of the Water 7 arc, it could be done.

Garp previously appeared to meet Luffy, who was reportedly injured.

And as he put it, even though he is a marine, and should have caught Luffy, because he is his grandson then he wouldn't do anything.

Besides meeting Luffy, he also drove Coby who was his friend.

At the end of the story, Garp reappears in Water 7 but this time he gets orders to catch Luffy.

With his strength, he threw a cannonball like a baseball.

And it made the Straw Hats a little scared and panicked.

However, in the end they were able to escape and survive.

Garp also praised Luffy's agility and wished him the best.

Behind all that, Garp is actually a little proud of his grandson's "achievements".

Garp and Ace
Guessing Garp's Future in One Piece Story!

22 years before the One Piece story begins, Gol D. Rogers decides to turn himself in to the navy.

And a few days later he also met his death by being executed.

However, before he had met a rival who was also considered his partner, namely Garp, Roger said that he trusted Garp, just as he had entrusted his crew.

Roger told Garp to look after and care for his future son.

Roger said that a child does not have to bear the burden of sin from his father. And Garp agrees with that.

That's the reason why Garp finally wanted to take care of Ace.

Many people then asked why Ace was not entrusted to Rayleigh or his other crew.

This is because the appearance of Rayleigh or the rest of his crew will raise suspicions

As is known, after Roger was executed, the navy began to search on a large scale for the child who was suspected of being Roger's son.

That's why then Rogue contains Ace longer than usual. He avoided suspicion of the navy.

However, even though Ace was cared for by Garp, he didn't stay beside Ace forever.

He then entrusted it to Dadan, a mountain criminal who is also a colleague of Garp.

Just like Luffy, Garp hopes that Ace will become a great and strong navy.

However, in the end Ace prefers his path as a pirate.

Even so, Garp didn't hate Ace in the slightest. He still loves Ace as much as Luffy.

Garp upheaval

Ace's execution moment was the hardest and biggest moment in his life. On the one hand, he loves his job as a navy.

He has great respect for his job. But, on the one hand, there is his "grandson" who is preparing to be executed.

Garp actually turned a total of 180 degrees when he saw Ace being executed by the navy.

There were no more laughter and jokes in Garp, apart from tears and tears.

In Garp, he certainly wanted to save Ace's life.

However, there is a big responsibility as a navy that must also be assumed by Garp.

That then became an upheaval in Garp's heart. He didn't know what to do, and he certainly felt that he had disappointed the person who had entrusted Ace to him, Roger.

Garp's upheaval also culminated when he saw Luffy running towards the execution stage. Luffy is his beloved grandson, whom he has always loved.

Despite the calling of duty, in the end the love for the family makes Garp unable to do anything.

Luffy punches Garp in the face, and then he can push his way up.

Luffy did manage to save Ace, but in the end fate said differently.

As a result of being consumed by Sakazuki's incitement, Ace tried to fight against him.

The battle between them was actually quite balanced, until then Sakazuki used a "cheat."

He aimed his attack at Luffy. Seeing this, Ace quickly sacrificed his life to protect his younger brother.

Again, Garp's turmoil arose where he almost went out of control and beat Sakazuki. Lucky Sengoku managed to hold it.

Future For Garp

Garp currently prefers to train young navies. He prepared everything and taught everything he knew.

Maybe there will be a war between navies that have two different views.

Those who believed in Sakazuki, and those who believed in Garp and the others - such as the secret organization SWORD.

Apart from the power side, Garp also tries to train their minds so they don't get caught up in the same thoughts as Sakazuki and the others.

He tried to form a young navy to become a good navy. This is what then made Coby what he is today.

Indeed, many later assumed that Garp might die before the One Piece story ended. Basically, Garp is very old.

And before Garp really died.

There may come a time when he will have to make another decision.

Carry out his duties as a marine soldier, or protect his grandchildren.

And when that moment happens, maybe he doesn't care anymore about his job and prefers family.

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