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Why Didn't Oden Ask for Help from Outside Wano?

Why Didn't Oden Ask for Help from Outside Wano?

The tragic fate must be experienced by Kozuki Oden, where he must die as a result of executions carried out by Kaido and Orochi as shown in the Wanokuni arc.

Kozuki Oden is the official heir of Shogun Wano, which is held by the Kozuki clan.

His father, Kozuki Sukiyaki, was the leader of Wano and it was planned that the leadership would be given to Oden.

But, young Oden at that time preferred to adventure with his colleagues at sea.

He was finally able to realize his dream of leaving the Wano region after meeting with Whitebeard.

And in the midst of adventure, Oden met with Roger and helped him to go to the last island, Laugh Tale.

Oden, indirectly, helped Roger realize his dream of becoming a pirate king.

After everything was finished, Oden returned to Wano but he realized that everything was not the same as before.

Moreover, after he learned that Orochi had taken power, and Kaido had also succeeded in making the residents of Wano suffer.

Oden must fight alone - assisted by the Red Scabbards - to face the great strength of the two of them.

Unfortunately, Oden had to recognize that the strength of the Orochi and Kaido alliance was stronger than his strength.

Oden also admitted that he was unable to fight the two of them and that there would only be a large force coming 20 years later in which they were able to kill Kaido and Orochi.

Even so, there is a big question that then arises which is why Oden did not ask for help from his other colleagues?

If Oden wants and can ask for help, Oden can have a full army of Whitebeard's group.

In fact, maybe Whitebeard himself will intervene directly.

He can also ask for help Marco who is quite close to Oden's figure and very emotional when Oden joins.

So why is there no help?

Shanks could have appeared, because just like Marco, Oden was also quite close to Shanks.

But, Shanks used to be nobody.

Shanks is arguably just becoming a Yonko.

Even so, even if Shanks decided to join the battle he had an awesome crew that could join the Red Scabbards.

Rayleigh, who is Roger's right hand, can also appear and help Oden to defeat Kaido and Orochi.

So, then the question is why did Oden's close colleagues not come to help him?

There are several possibilities.

First is Rayleigh or Shanks might not be the type who likes to "interfere."

The involvement of Rayleigh or Shanks requires a good reason. Rayleigh must "interfere" in Luffy's development, it was solely for the sake of training Luffy to become the successor to the pirate king.

Shanks came to the Marineford war not to interfere in the war between Whitebeard and the navy.

He actually came to stop the war, because he realized that many victims had fallen.

After all, Oden also did not want his efforts to open the Wano border helped by anyone.

He wanted to do it himself because according to Oden the closure of the Wano border had something to do with the Kozuki clan.

At least that's what Oden said to Shanks before parting at Wano.

Help is very possible to come if Oden really needs it.

But, Oden prefers to solve all the problems himself without having to bother others.

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