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What was the reason for Yamato being on Luffy's side?

What was the reason for Yamato being on Luffy's side?

Talk about Yamato is becoming a trend among One Piece lovers, especially after it was discovered that Yamato is a woman (chapter 948).

Yamato said that he was a figure who was idolized by Kozuki Oden.

He even has a dream to continue Oden's dream of opening Wano.

One proof of Yamato's admiration for Oden was how he had kept a journal or diary from Kozuki Oden about what had happened and he had experienced.

Yamato concealed the existence of the note, even though Kaido wanted the book to direct it to the island of Laugh Tale.

The statement from Yamato was interesting because he would fight with all his soul when he learned that many things related to Oden were on the island.

An example is Enma's sword, the sword Oden used to injure Kaido, in Zoro's hand.

Zoro is currently also on Onigashima.

He might also be happy to use Ame no Habakiri and help Luffy and the others defeat his father.

Yamato would also be happy to know that the Red Scabbards were still alive, and most importantly, he would be very happy to know that Momonosuke and Hiyori were still alive.

Yamato's ability may also be demonstrated when he learns that Momonosuke will be executed by his father and Orochi.

With the various elements in Oden's life on the island of Onigashima, it will make Yamato happier and more eager to realize Oden's dream.

He also might not hesitate to attack his father and help Luffy defeat him.

All Yamato will do to fulfill the dream of Kozuki Oden.

It is also interesting to look forward to whom Yamato will face in this great battle.

Many fans predict that Yamato will be dealing with smoothies.

Yamato can also be faced with Black Maria or other female characters, such as Ulti.

To be sure, Eiichiro Oda will always show battles between women that will show the resilience and abilities of female characters that are not inferior to men.

What do you think, who will Yamato face?

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