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Infinity Stones Return To Destroy Celestials?

Infinity Stones Return To Destroy Celestials?

The film Eternals which will be screened at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will likely introduce Celestials.

But besides being able to introduce Celestials, the film can also show how the Celestials were destroyed.

In the story, it is possible that the Eternals used all six Infinity Stones and after completion, all of the Infinity Stones were then distributed.

As is known in the comic, the Celestials conducted an experiment on some chosen humans.

And from these experiments produced two new races, Eternals and Deviants.

Both consider themselves as the best, so it is not uncommon for them to fight.

Infinity Stones Return To Destroy Celestials?

In the film Eternals later, both Deviants and Celestials will likely be shown.

Deviants themselves are rumored to be the main villains faced by the Eternals, besides the Celestials.

One of the characters from Celestials is certain to be present (based on leaked Funko toys) namely Arishem the Judge, who is one of the leaders of Celestials.

Actually, the Celestials themselves have been shown appearing on the MCU in the film Guardians of the Galaxy.

At that time the Collector showed an image of someone using a Power Stone to destroy a planet.

But, in the film both then explained if the ancient cosmic creatures are rumored to have become extinct or no longer exist.

Ego the Living Planet is the only thing left.

Infinity Stones Return To Destroy Celestials?

Although the cause is unknown, there could be an event with a very massive scale that made the Celestials perish, and made the planet Sakaar filled with Celestials' corpses.

Celestials are indeed known as cosmic entities that always destroy a planet or civilization, if they consider the planet or civilization to be unfeasible with their criteria.

In the leaked synopsis of the film Eternals, the Eternals are described as an ancient cosmic creature who went to earth to protect the planet - possibly from Celestials and Deviants.

If that is true, surely they need a great strength to deal with these creatures.

There is one power in this universe that can provide enormous strength, none other than Infinity Stones.

Infinity Stones are believed to have been made by ancient cosmic creatures, which could be Celestials.

And this was proven in the GOTG film when one of them destroyed the planet.

In order to defeat and destroy the Celestials, it could be that the Eternals must steal the entire Infinity Stones from the hands of their creators.

And they can also be told as the party responsible for spreading it throughout the universe.

If this scenario proves to be true, then the film Eternals is indeed a prequel for the entire Infinity Saga.

So, in the film we will be presented with a story about the making of the Infinity Stones, how their strength and explain who is hiding the six cosmic stones.

And also if this theory is correct then the question of how and why the Celestials were destroyed.

To be sure this film will affect the future of the MCU.

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