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One Piece: What is Luffy's main goal in Onigashima?

One Piece: What is Luffy's main goal in Onigashima?

As we know, finding the existence of the last island, Laugh Tale and becoming the pirate king, is Luffy's dream.

He has kept that dream for a long time, and now he is struggling to realize that dream.

But, of course the road to Laugh Tale and the road to becoming a pirate king is not easy.

For a pirate to get the title of pirate king, all he has to do is manage to set foot on the last island, Laugh Tale.

Apart from that, there is no other way to become a pirate king.

Based on what is known at this time, based on the flashback of Oden's story with Roger, to reach Laugh Tale, a pirate must find the existence of Road Poneglyph.

Road Poneglyph is a very special Poneglyph artifact, in which there is information and instructions on how one can go to Laugh Tale.

One Piece: What is Luffy's main goal in Onigashima?

So far, Luffy has managed to find two Road Poneglyphs - one in Zou and another in Whole Cake Island.

The third Poneglyph Road itself is known to be in Wano, while the fourth is still mysterious.

The existence of the third Poneglyph Road will certainly not be stored haphazardly.

There must be strict guarding and being in a safe place.

The only possible place is on the island of Onigashima, the island which became the headquarters for Kaido.

With the care of Kaido's men, and Kaido himself, it is natural that his Poneglyph will be there.

Based on that statement, a big question arises, what if the actual attack on Onigashima was a diversion from its true purpose?

What is the main goal? It was none other than finding the third Poneglyph that existed on the island of Onigashima.

If they just infiltrated to find the existence of the third Road Poneglyph, surely that would be a ridiculous move because even the number of troops Luffy and the Straw Hats were far different.

So, like the proverb while diving drinking water, besides taking revenge for the death of Kozuki Oden to Kaido, Luffy can also look for the existence of the third Road Poneglyph.

Maybe there is one of the crew who managed to find the Poneglyph, which is probably Franky, because usually he is always accidentally met with extraordinary things.

It could be Robin or even Nami. To be sure, one of Luffy's alliances will find the existence of the Road Poneglyph.

And after Luffy managed to get it, Marco will bring Luffy to where the last Poneglyph Road was.

As explained in yesterday's article, Marco might know where the location of the last Road Poneglyph could be stored on the Sphinx island which is home to Whitebeard.

When everything was collected, Luffy was finally able to go to Laugh Tale.

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