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4 Categories of Video Editing with Promising Payments

4 Categories of Video Editing with Promising Payments

In today's digital era, who doesn't know by editing video.

You must be familiar with the name of the video.

Videos that are published on media / social media usually have undergone an editing process.

This process is very important because it will determine whether or not good content.

It's useless if your content is good but the video editing method is bad.

Therefore many people are currently pursuing the world of video editing.

Video editors are currently in great need of his services.

YouTuber currently also hires video editor services for more interesting content.

Well, for those who have the talent to edit videos, you can persevere from now on because the pay is pretty promising.

According to the Instagram account @, the following is an estimated payment for a video editor viewed from the video category he is working on.

Curious? Let's look at the following review.

1. Editing story videos.
4 Categories of Video Editing with Promising Payments

Videos worked on usually have a storyline.

Whether the story is long or short, it matches the content created.

Documentary videos or YouTube videos also fall into this category.

Other examples of video stories are long films, short films, indie films, TV programs, documentaries, theater, parodies, reality shows, life stories or life's journey, and videos on YouTube.

For the payment received by the smallest video editor, it is usually around Rp. 1 million (USD 69.81).

This price may change according to the contract agreement with the video maker.

2. Editing video presentations.
4 Categories of Video Editing with Promising Payments

This type of video is usually about someone who is speaking in front of a camera.

The person conveys learning materials/products that are delivered to the camera.

Many YouTubers now make videos like this.

Examples of videos worked on are YouTube, Instagram, or other social media promotional videos.

Then reporter or filer company videos, tutorial videos, or videos for YouTube, educational videos, campus assignment videos, and photo slideshows.

The fee received by this type of editor is around Rp 700 thousand (USD 48.86).

3. Motion video editing graphics.
4 Categories of Video Editing with Promising Payments

This video will release information about a business, product, or brand.

Examples of videos worked on are company profiles, explorer or learning videos, detailed video reports, interactive video promos, and bumper video openings.

The fee you receive for installing this type of video is around Rp. 1 million (USD 69.81).

4. Cinematic or artistic video editing.
4 Categories of Video Editing with Promising Payments

If this one video must be familiar.

Examples of the videos are music clips, cinematic wedding clips, cinematic pre-wedding clips, video applications, teaser videos, video trailers, cinematic commercial ad videos, and cinematic opening videos.

For a fee obtained by a compilation of videos of this type which is around Rp. 1 million (USD 69.81).

Well, that is the video editing category and the estimated payment received.

The amount of payment received can be more expensive or can be cheaper, depending on the offer of each editor.

Being a video editor is indeed promising because the world is now very dependent on technology, the digital world is increasingly advanced, and now the competition is carried out through technology.

Therefore you can take advantage of this opportunity to bring in rupiah coffers.

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