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My Hero Academia: Shigaraki's new form will be revealed?

My Hero Academia: Shigaraki's new form will be revealed?

There is something interesting about the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, where the chapter provides new clues about the existence of a new form of Shigaraki. I

t seems that in the next chapter, we will soon be shown how when the All For One pupil, Tomura Shigaraki, will awaken his destructive power, where this power has been stored for a long time in him.

Clues about Shigaraki's new form have been shown in chapters 270 and 271 which are indicated by two reactions of characters that make us curious.

First, Izuku Midoriya's One For All powers tried to warn him. Second, the pay for All For One, Gigantomachia, smells its master's aroma to Shigaraki.

In the ending chapter 271, we even see how the reaction of Gigantomachia standing with his face facing up, where he looks very surprised.

Could he have seen the new form of the figure of Tomura Shigaraki?

Dr. Ujiko had explained beforehand that the original All For One quirk had been given to Shigaraki some time ago, while All For One used a copy of the quirk he used to steal someone else's abilities.

Based on the reaction from Izuku and Gigantomachia, it seems that something big is happening to Tomura Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia: Shigaraki's new form will be revealed?

Previously, a vision from Tomura Shigaraki showed that he walked into the arms of the All For One.

When Tomura Shigaraki walks in the direction of All for One, we are shown about Tomura's fragments of memory that were destroyed by his quirk.

But it looks like Tomura won't be affected by that memory because he has plunged into a very bad thing.

From this Tomura will clearly become a full villain.

Could it be that the main plan of the All for One is to better utilize the new body of Tomura Shigaraki?

We'll see in the next chapter.

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