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2 Simple steps to find the right business idea

2 Simple steps to find the right business idea

Many people who aspire to become a businessman, but there are still many who fail before starting.

Often you don't know what business you want to run, right?

Even when you have found it confused where to start.

Well, here are 2 simple solutions that you can apply.

1. Know your strengths.

Try to answer the following questions:

- What makes you enthusiastic?

- What useful things do you know about, but not many people know about?

- What achievements have you gained?

- What skills have your friends asked you to teach?

- What help do other people often ask you for?

- Of the businesses of other people you have met, what seems the most interesting?

Successful business people must have good skills in their fields.

For example, cooking experts sell something related to cooking.

He can sell cooking utensils, sell food, or food recipe books.

2. Map in the 'demand matrix'.

Now try to map the questions that you have answered into the demand matrix by using the following demand matrix.

2 Simple steps to find the right business idea


The horizontal plane shows the number of applicants.

The more people who need these abilities, the more right they are.

The vertical plane shows the value / price.

If your abilities are obtained with difficulty and you rarely have, the higher the value and the more upward place.

The following examples have been filled:

2 Simple steps to find the right business idea

Wiping the glass position is at the bottom left with the lowest interest and price.

This indicates that wiping the glass can be done by everyone.

Does anyone want to buy if I make a glass wiping service?

 Maybe there is, but certainly very few.

Compare with losing weight position is on the far right, with the most interest and the second highest price.

This shows that many people are overweight and do not know how to lose them.

The more difficult ways to lose weight, the higher the price on the diagram.

If you sell products / services to lose weight and prove successful, is there anyone interested in buying it?

Of course there are, even many!

Now you know the two simple steps on how to find the right idea for your business. Good luck!

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