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5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

In the majority of anime series there are weapons that are usually used in the story and there are several weapons that are considered the most powerful. 

Weapons are objects that commonly appear in fiction stories. 

Usually, the weapons they present in their stories have extraordinary destructive power and awesomeness. 

This weapon can be used by villains or the main protagonist. 

And here is a list of weapons that are considered the most powerful in the world of anime.

5. Dragon Slayer

5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

Talking about swords, of course this sword cannot be separated from being one of the most powerful anime weapons. 

Considered the most violent shonen series, the most full of action scenes, and also a popular classic series, Berserk does have its own way of presenting brutal moments from its characters in an epic battle.

The main protagonist in this series is Guts, a dangerous figure who has a very powerful weapon. 

This weapon is a large sword whose name is Dragon Slayer. 

This sword was created by a legendary blacksmith named Godot. 

As the name suggests, Godot himself initially created this sword on orders from the king.

He asked Godot to make a weapon in the form of a sword that could kill a dragon. 

However, Godot himself was tired of making weapons that were not used well by the royal family. 

He also deliberately made a sword so large that it couldn't be used. 

However, Guts proved it where he could use the sword and destroy various enemies easily.

4. Death Note

5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

Even though the weapons that appear on this list are mostly swords, pistols or other weapons, this weapon is no less powerful and deadly. 

This weapon is none other than the Death Note. 

The death notebook that appears in the Death Note series is one of the most powerful and powerful weapons. 

Indeed, it only looks like a notebook and is not like a weapon in general.

However, as is well known, anyone whose name is written in the book will certainly die. 

Not only that, the owner of the book can create in detail the series of events that ultimately resulted in the victim's death. 

This book, usually used by the god of death. 

However, in the story we see what it would be like if humans used the book.

Light Yagami and Misa Amane are two characters who own the book. Light Yagami uses the death notebook to become a god, namely Kira. 

He killed many criminals and criminals or bad people who he felt deserved to die. 

One of the reasons why the Death Note is one of the most powerful anime weapons is because nothing can stop the death of its victims once their names are written in the notebook.

3. Zangetsu

5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

Bleach is one of the most popular anime series of all time. One of the interesting elements of the series is how we see the Soul Reapers use their unique swords called Zanpakuto. 

Even though the Zanpakuto looks like an ordinary sword, those with a high rank usually have more abilities.

For example, the figure of Ichigo Kurosaki and his Zanpakuto sword, Zangetsu. 

The Zangetsu sword is slightly different from the Zanpakuto that other Soul Reapers use. 

This sword is made using Hollow and Soul Reaper powers, which makes Zangetsu different from other Zanpakuto. 

This sword is known to have extraordinary destructive power, where even a little power from Zangetsu will be able to destroy the enemy.

In Ichigo's hands, Zangetsu is a very powerful and extraordinary sword. 

This is because of the deep connection between Ichigo and the sword. 

Even so, Zengetsu itself is not a perfect weapon. 

Ichigo has lost several battles even though he has used this sword. 

However, it must be admitted that Zangetsu is still one of the most powerful anime weapons.

2. The Sword Of Rupture, Ea

5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

There are quite a lot of epic swords that appear in the Fate Stay/Night series. 

However, what really caught our attention was the Sword of Rupture, Ea. 

This sword is considered the strongest sword among all the swords ever presented in the Fate series. 

This sword is also considered very unique and almost unstoppable, where distance is not an obstacle.

Although the sword will be very effective in close combat, the most powerful attack produced from this weapon is Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation. 

This attack is not only able to destroy all existing enemies, but also the entire world in the series. 

In fact, if the user wanted, an attack from Ea's sword could destroy an entire galaxy.

This is the reason this sword can only be used by the strongest warriors. 

The Sword of Rupture, Ea truly becomes an unstoppable sword and weapon. 

There is no power limit for this sword. 

Because of this, this is one of the strongest and deadliest swords and weapons in the anime world.

1. Super Tengenn Gurenn Lagann

5 Most Powerful Weapons in the Anime World! (Update)

The last most powerful anime weapon is Super Tengenn Gurenn Lagann. 

Apart from being a weapon, it is also the most powerful mecha in existence. 

Super Tengenn Gurenn Lagann has a very massive size, which is even bigger than the universe itself.

The power level of this weapon comes from the boundless energy of the multiverse.

With all this awesomeness, it doesn't seem like an exaggeration if there is no other weapon in the anime world that can match the awesomeness of Super Tengenn Gurenn Lagann. 

The strongest form of this mecha is Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill, where the mecha will undergo a shape change that is similar to a giant drill.

Talking about size, its height alone is said to reach 20 trillion light years. 

Super Tengenn Gurenn Lagann is a weapon whose main function is to manipulate reality, time, space, objects, and even existence itself. 

In the wrong hands, this weapon could clearly bring enormous disaster to all existing creatures and objects.

With various threats that exist, as well as strong enemies that must be faced, the characters that appear in Shonen genre anime series usually need weapons to increase their strength. 

And the various most powerful weapons above are proof of the awesomeness of the characters in the anime series.

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