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One Piece Season 2 Starts Shooting Soon!


One Piece Season 2 Starts Shooting Soon!

The shooting process for the live action One Piece season 2 series that airs on the Netflix platform will likely soon start shooting. 

After the success of the first season of the series, Netflix and Eiichiro Oda then gave information about the live action One Piece season 2. 

One of their stars then gave a hint that the shooting of One Piece season 2 would start soon after the massive demonstration in Hollywood was over. 

In his interview with Digital Spy, Taz Skylar, the actor who plays Sanji in the One Piece series, gave a hint that the date for the shooting process for the live action One Piece season 2 had been determined. 

“I know they’re starting to work on this project again. I know we have a date for when we’re going back to South Africa, which is not too long from now.” 

From what is known so far, it seems that the production team of the series already has a new spirit to start the shooting process.

They also seem very excited for the new season. 

On the other hand, many suspect that the new season of the One Piece series will also be no less amazing than the previous season. 

Moreover, if we look at the manga or anime storyline, there will be many interesting and amazing things that will be presented in the next season. 

So far, there is no detailed information about the new season of One Piece, including the cast and plot. 

However, chances are, in the second season, fans will start to see many exotic places that exist in the Grand Line. 

Examples are Alabasta, Little Garden, Drum Island, and many other things. 

In addition to various new places, of course we will also see various new characters in the second season. 

For example, Chopper, who has been given a hint of his appearance since the beginning. 

Chopper is one of the things that makes fans impatient to watch the second season of the series. 

And of course the appearance of Nico Robin who will make the Straw Hat group’s adventure more colorful.

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