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Netflix Finally Fixes Zoro's Bent Sword Scene in the One Piece Live-Action Series

Zoro's Bent Sword Scene in the One Piece Live-Action Series

The live-action adaptation of One Piece has become a phenomenal series that has successfully captivated audiences worldwide.

As you may know, fans of anime or manga are often wary of live-action adaptations due to the historically lackluster quality of many such projects, with some deviating significantly from the original story.

However, this skepticism did not entirely apply to the live-action adaptation of One Piece. Despite initial doubts from some quarters, the series managed to impress many people.

However, this doesn't mean that the live-action adaptation is flawless. There was one noticeable flaw that became viral and widely discussed among viewers.

This issue revolved around Zoro's sword. In one episode, Zoro is shown battling Axe Hand Morgan. When Zoro dodges an attack, it's evident that the sword sheath on his waist is bent.

This mistake quickly went viral. Many were puzzled by how such an error could occur, especially considering the high budget allocated to the production of the live-action series.

Some individuals even attempted to rectify the mistake through editing, as demonstrated by YouTuber Howwork X 六指淵.

In the video he uploaded, he successfully corrected Netflix's mistake on his own.

The Mistake Has Been Fixed by Netflix

After some time had passed, it turns out that Netflix has rectified the scene where Zoro's sword was bent.

This information was revealed by SKYR0VER, who posted on Reddit while re-watching the One Piece live-action series. He noticed that the bent sword issue had been addressed.

Click this link to see the post: Netflix Fixed Zoro's Sword

It remains unknown what prompted Netflix to fix the mistake after all this time.

Even if it hadn't been fixed, the issue might not have been widely discussed anymore. Nevertheless, it's commendable that Netflix took the initiative to address and rectify the error.

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