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One Piece 1106 Spoilers Reddit: Chaotic Situation on Egghead Island

One Piece 1106 Spoilers Reddit: Chaotic Situation on Egghead Island

The One Piece manga currently shows a chaotic situation on Egghead Island as Saturn and the Marines surround Luffy and the others. 

Saturn was seconds away from killing Bonney when Kuma saved him.

This chapter shows their fight before the emotional reunion between father and daughter. 

On the other hand, Luffy created more problems for himself because he ate all the food on the island and couldn't move. 

Worse yet, the Marines now surrounded him.

However, at the end of the chapter, some unknown party is heading towards Egghead and destroys the Marines right before the Buster Call. 

Delve deeper to know the One Piece 1106 release date and spoilers.

The plan is that the One Piece 1106 manga will be released on Sunday, February 4 2024. 

So, for those of you who are curious about the story of One Piece Chapter 1106, you can read it on the Manga Plus and Comic Cast applications.

So, are you curious about One Piece 1106 spoilers? 

The following is the review as reported by Dexerto, Wednesday (31/1/2024).

While the Marines are busy dealing with a mysterious enemy, Luffy transforms into Gear 5 again. 

Saturn is still chasing Vegapunk, Kuma and Booney.

Vegapunk orders Atlas to give a message to Bonney, while the child is still begging Saturn to let him and his father leave the island.

Suddenly, the Pacifistas begin attacking the Marines. 

When creating Pacifista, Vegapunk was worried that one day Booney would be killed by a machine that looked like his father.

Therefore, he made sure that not a single Pacifista who had Kuma's appearance would harm Bonney. 

Vegapunk thinks it's his selfish wish, but he tells Booney that the Pacifista will always be by his side.

Not long after that Saturn brutally attacked Vegapunk. Franky and Bonney are worried about him and are also hurt by Saturn.

Kizaru acts and attacks Sanji, Franky and Atlas. 

However, before Kizaru could attack Kuma and Bonney, Luffy punched the Admiral.

Luffy's mental state is now similar to his fight with Kaido at Wano, because he thought the fight was fun before turning the ground into rubber.

The iron giant followed the Liberation Axis and started to move. 

Vegapunk revealed that Kuma had known for a long time that Luffy was Nika. Meanwhile, Booney was blown away after watching Gear 5 in all its glory.

Many people have been waiting for Nika's appearance!

Vegapunk also revealed that Buster Call is now useless after Nika returns. 

The appearance of Nika has been awaited by many people for centuries.

Apart from that, One Piece chapter 1106 also reveals that Dory and Brogy destroyed the Marines' ship in the previous chapter. 

They came for Luffy, or more precisely, the Sun God Nika.

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