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Atelier Resleriana Review: Watching Anime While Gaming


Atelier Resleriana Review

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Atelier Resleriana's global version has been released. The game was launched on January 25, 2024.

As someone who has never tried any Atelier games before, I was genuinely excited to give this one a shot.

And yes, after its release, I dove straight into the game for a few hours. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this game.

Now, for those of you who haven't played it yet but are curious about what this game is like, here's a brief review from me!

Atelier Resleriana Review

Atelier Resleriana Review

A Dynamic and User-Friendly Game Interface

The first thing that caught my attention and made me enjoy this game is its dynamic interface. Yes, the in-game menu constantly changes to reflect the progress of your story in the game.

So, in the menu, you'll see Resna, the main character of the game, and other characters in various locations. Their locations and activities change based on how far you've progressed in the story.

On the other hand, you'll notice several buttons at the edges of the game menu. Even though there may be quite a few, they are remarkably easy to understand.

Additionally, there are shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly access specific menus.

Atelier Resleriana Review

A Thoughtful Turn-Based System

The gameplay of this game is turn-based, similar to Honkai Star Rail. However, despite that, the game has its own unique battle system.

In this game, you're required to pay close attention to the turn order. This is crucial as there are many things you can gain during the turn order.

Buff and debuff effects are distributed during the turn order, and this is where your strategic skills will be put to the test.

You need to adjust your team's turn order to acquire buffs and avoid debuffs. There are various ways to achieve this, such as using items, defeating enemies quickly, or utilizing fast attacks, among others.

So, besides focusing on what the enemies are doing, you also need to pay attention to the turn order in order to succeed.

Atelier Resleriana Review

The Real Alchemist Experience

This feature happens to be my favorite while playing the game. Just like a true alchemist, you can craft a wide variety of items in this game.

And not only that, you are free to experiment with many different combinations to obtain items with various effects.

From characters to the materials used, everything plays a role in determining the outcome of the item you create.

Want to create a weapon with a defensive effect? You can. How about crafting a healing item with an attack-boosting effect? Absolutely. 

Even though it may sound strange, you can craft numerous items with different effects according to your preferences. It truly feels like being a real alchemist.

Atelier Resleriana Review

Gaming While Watching Anime

The story mode is genuinely satisfying. There are numerous cutscenes and dialogue scenes to follow.

It feels like watching an anime. As for the story itself, I can't comment much yet as I haven't progressed too far into the story mode.

Overall, I find this game quite enjoyable. It's relatively laid-back, allowing you to savor the storyline whenever and wherever you like.

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