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Hanya Honkai Star Rail Review, The Only Character who can Restore Skill Points


Hanya Honkai Star Rail

Mandatory Spport for Danheng Imbibitor Lunae Users

Honkai Star Rail has entered its second phase in version 1.5. In this phase, two gacha banners have been released, featuring Argenti and Silver Wolf as the highlighted 5-star limited characters.

Apart from these two limited 5-star characters, there's another intriguing character worth discussing, and that's Hanya.

Hanya is a support character with the Harmony path. As a support, she stands out because of her ability to restore skill points. 

This makes her particularly valuable, considering that Hanya is the only one capable of such a skill recovery.

For those of you curious about this character, let's delve into the details together!

Review Hanya Honkai Star Rail

Hanya Honkai Star Rail

Skill Point Recovery

Hanya excels in skill point recovery through her unique skill mechanism. As you know, managing skill points is crucial, and failure to do so effectively could lead to defeat in battles.

Skill points, or SP for short, are used to activate your characters' skills. Typically, each character requires 1 SP to activate their skill, though some, like Qingque and Danheng Imbibitor Lunae, may require more.

To recover skill points, you can perform basic attacks or benefit from buffs available in the simulated world during gameplay.

Hanya's skill mechanism is straightforward—she can mark enemies with her skill. If your character attacks a marked enemy twice, you'll gain SP. The mark disappears after restoring SP twice, and you can transfer it to another enemy using Hanya's skill. The damage inflicted on marked enemies also increases.

Buff: Speed and Attack

Aside from SP recovery, Hanya provides buffs to her teammates. Her ultimate skill grants a speed and attack boost to a selected teammate.

At level 10, Hanya's ultimate boosts speed by 20% and attack by 60%. In my opinion, these buffs are substantial for a 4-star support character.

Flexibility: Fits into Any Team

With her versatile abilities, Hanya easily fits into any team composition. She shines in teams that consume SP quickly, such as a Danheng Imbibitor Lunae team.

She also pairs well with Seele, given Seele's ability to take multiple turns and generate a lot of SP. The speed and attack buffs from Hanya's ultimate are valuable additions. Even if your team isn't SP-hungry, Hanya remains useful due to her buffing capabilities.

Overall, she is a great support option. If you don't have powerhouse supports like Bronya or Ting Yun, Hanya can fill that role effectively.

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