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5 Unique Facts About Zeta, the Explorer from Shadow Garden


Zeta Shadow Garden

The Avenger with a Massive Grudge

In their quest to eradicate the Diabolos Cult, Shadow Garden continues to expand their network across various regions.

They can easily adapt to new environments thanks to the abundance of information they've gathered.

One standout member contributing significantly to this cause is Zeta. Zeta is a beastskin race and one of the seven core members of Shadow Garden.

Now, for all you die-hard Zeta fans, let's dive into some unique facts about this formidable explorer!

5 Unique Facts About Zeta

Zeta shadow garden

1. Surpassing Alpha Potential

Cid himself has acknowledged Zeta's extraordinary abilities, recognizing Zeta's potential to surpass even Alpha. 

Unfortunately, Zeta's inherent laziness prevents this from happening. Once she delves into something, she quickly becomes lazy and bored because of her rapid mastery of the subject, making it difficult for her to surpass Alpha.

2. Beastskin Hero Descendant

With her immense power and abilities, it's no surprise that Zeta is a descendant of the Beastskin Hero, Lili. She hails from the renowned Golden Panther tribe and is also the daughter of its chief.

3. Family Massacred

So far, in my opinion, Zeta's family seems like a real tight-knit unit.

When a family discovers that one of its members is afflicted by demon possession, it's not uncommon for them to cast out the afflicted individual. 

However, this wasn't the case for Zeta's family. Upon learning that his daughter was possessed by a demon, Zeta's father set out on a journey to find a cure. 

He hoped to find a remedy to heal his daughter. Unfortunately, when he returned, he was captured by members of another tribe.

A member of the Diabolos cult informed them that their chief was hiding Zeta's demon-possessed daughter in their home. Consequently, the tribe members seized Zeta's father and planned to eliminate Zeta.

In a bid to save his daughter, he fought against all the members of his tribe, as well as the priests from the Diabolos cult. 

In the end, Zeta's entire family perished in their attempt to protect her. This tragic event led to Zeta being healed by Cid and joining the Shadow Garden.

Zeta now harbors the deepest grudge against the Diabolos Cult and vows to destroy it.

4. Constant Quarrels with Delta

As fellow beastskins, Zeta and Delta never miss an opportunity to provoke each other whenever they encounter Cid. 

Their meetings invariably escalate into heated arguments, insults, and occasional fights, only coming to a halt when Zeta decides to escape or when Alpha suddenly appears to reprimand Delta.

5. Exploration Team Leader

Zeta serves as the leader of the exploration team in Shadow Garden, tasked with venturing into various regions and conducting espionage. 

The discovery of Shadow Garden's main headquarters, Alexandria, can be credited to Zeta. 

She holds immense potential within the group, and if it weren't for her laziness, she could potentially surpass even Alpha.

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